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insignia Refrigerator

DON't ever buy this brand.  Even tho Best Buy says it is a great fridge and is comparable to LG and Samsung, IT IS NOT!  First off, my fridge is 17 months old... I did not buy the extended warranty- I didn't feel i needed to.. A fridge should last past at least 3 years right?  WRONG!!!!  so i called to see what Best Buy could do- nothing.  Then called Insignia and thought they could help- WRONG...   I did my due dilligance by hiring a thrid party to find out the problem was and get it fixed.  A Small $50 dollar part.  i go to order it and the part is no longer made.  so i ask you, how do i fix the problem when the parts are discontinued?  I relayed this to Best Buy AND Insignia and Best Buy's response was I am screwed.  Now mind you, AFTER being hung up on and transphered 5 different time and 3 days later to actually talk to someone about it, I STILL got no help.   How does Best Buy sell LEMONS that have no parts to fix them to customers.   How can I fix it?  How can they fix it?  There     are    no    parts    made for this model!!!     I get it... i did not buy the warranty... But I should be able to order parts to fix it and i can  not.  thanks for the $1400plus peice of crap fridge Best buy!  Glad your Billion dollar company is doing so well...  this is being sent to BBB because it is not just me that has an issue.

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Re: insignia Refrigerator

If you do some research you can often find out who made it(insignia just rebrands things) and often the parts are available thru the original manufacturer.