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Zhiyun Weebill S - poor response from manufacturer for broken product less than 1 year old

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I've been trying to locate a customer service email address to send this complaint to.  Order: {removed per forum guidelines}


I purchased a Zhiyun Weebil S camera gimbal in August of 2020.  It's less than 1 year old.  I did not purchase Geek Squad coverage at the time.  A couple of months ago when I finally took the gimbal out of the box and used it for a few weeks, the back axis lock broke.  I reached out to Zhiyun's customer service in China and found out a few things.  First, they do not have a US based customer service office and therefore when you email them you must wait 24 hours between responses due to the time difference.  After 3 days of emailing, I was notified that Zhiyun no longer has a United States based repair or warranty center.  Therefore, the ONLY option is to ship the product to China.  


I feel that Best Buy might not be aware of this as it would be a hastle for customer's to get ANY manufacturer's support for this product and I find it hard to believe Best Buy would leave it's customer's in the cold for product support.


Because of this, I went to the Best Buy store in South Park Meadows from which I purchased the gimbal.  I went to speak to the Geek Squad knowing I would have to pay for a repair, which is fine.  They told me they do NOT repair these gimbals.  They only replace them.  Because I didn't have Geek Squad coverage that wasn't a possibility.  Fair.  Then, I spoke to the store manager to see if there was some kind of help they could give me.  He told me to call customer service the next day.


Today, I called customer service.  After 11 minutes on hold, the first agent acted like they couldn't hear me and hung up the call.  Funny they couldn't hear me because the automated voice prompts could hear me just fine.  I called back, another 10 minute hold.  I got an agent who was friendly and I told her the long story.  She told me to take it to Geek Squad.  I told her I already did and that they don't repair gimbals, they only replace them.  I told her that the manager told me to call customer service.  She said they shouldn't have told me to call customer service.  I asked her if there was an email address I could write to escalate my issue.  She told me to hold, then she hung up on me too.  


I'm pretty frustrated at this point.  Can anyone there help me or should I never give Best Buy my business again, .... when I call in it says "thank you for being an Elite customer."  I don't feel very elite or valued right now.

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Re: Zhiyun Weebill S - poor response from manufacturer for broken product less than 1 year old

Good afternoon, tommeny,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Having an issue with a product, especially one that was purchased less than a year ago, can be an understandably frustrating experience, and it's one I regret to hear you've been dealing with as of late.


In regards to the order you're referring to, it does appear there was not a Geek Squad Protection plan (GSP) purchased as you've mentioned.  Additionally, because the purchase is outside of our return/exchange period offered by our Return & Exchange Promise, we'll be unable to offer you a return or exchange at this time.  


While I understand your experience with them thus far has not gone as smoothly as you would have hoped, I recommend continuing to work with the manufacturer going forward, and I'm optimistic they'll be able to assist in utilizing their manufacturer warranty to resolve the issue you've run into.



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