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Worthless TV Protection Plan

I had bought a TV for a family member this past Christmas. I wanted to make sure that they would have a functional TV for a while so I bought the Geek Squad extended converage protection plan for it. Recently the TV was damaged due to an unfortunate unavoidable event. When we took the TV in to get it repaired or replaced, we were denied as the protection plan does not cover accidental damages. This was never disclosed to me when I purchased the TV and the protection plan. The protection plan itself even explicitly advertises that it protects against accidental damages without disclosing that TVs are excluded. We were then told that the out of pocket repair cost would cost more than the TV itself. I was refunded the protection plan cost, but that's just not enough. I was willing to spend the extra money to protect against this situation. Now that this situation has occured, and we are being told that we are stuck with a damaged product despite the extra protection, I no longer feel safe buying anything from Best Buy again, especially TVs. 

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Re: Worthless TV Protection Plan

I'm sorry to hear that they didn't explain the plan to you better when you made the purchase, Best Buy tries to be transparent on which plans have the additional coverage for accidents.  On the receipt, any plan that includes the acronym ADH or Accidental Damage from Handling would include that additional protection.  This is typically portable devices like cell phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, etc and are the only items in the store where it is explicitly mentioned about Accidenta Damage.  Stationary items like televisions, major appliances, etc. would add protection from power surges, wear and tear, and the larger items are typically serviced in home at no additional charge.  The exact breakdown is provided in the emailed terms and conditions, and is split by product categories to simplify it.  One thing I would suggest since your product damage falls outside of the coverage would be to get a prorated refund for the unused portion of the plan, so long as you have not had any repairs prior to the physical damage occurring. 

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Re: Worthless TV Protection Plan

Good Morning JefferyDeliaJr.,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Protecting your purchase with a Geek Squad Protection Plan is a great idea. I’m sorry to hear that you’re regretting purchasing that plan since it wasn’t able to assist you as you had initially believed. I’d be happy to help address your concerns.


My sincere apologizes if accidental damage wasn’t clearly singled out as not being covered by the Geek Squad Protection Plan on the TV you had purchased. It was shared in the terms you did agree to at the time of purchase though.  I’m happy to hear that you were provided a refund for your plan. At this time we don’t have any plans, or programs available to directly assist you further. You may want to recommend that the giftee reaches out to their homeowners/renters insurance company to see if there’s any options there to get assistance with the unfortunate unavoidable event that occurred to the TV.



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Re: Worthless TV Protection Plan

I know this is an old thread, but I second the OP claim. I was told that my TV would be covered from accidental damage with my GSW, but upon further investigation, I was lied to. So please anyone and everyone DO NOT BUY best buy's worthless TV Protection Plan don't believe the associates as they are liars.