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Worst experience ever at your Benton Harbor location.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019


To Whom It May Concern,


I recently visited your Benton Harbor, MI store on 1-17-19. This incident occurred around 2:00 p.m.  


For Christmas my son wanted a Hover Board. It was the one present he had asked for and was eagerly anticipating Christmas morning to see if he would receive it. My husband and I purchased the Hover 1 Board, along with a 2 year protection plan that stated that it would cover any issues within a 2 year period for $59.99. 


Christmas morning our son was ecstatic and the 2 weeks that followed found him using his Hover Board every day!  He was extremely happy with his gift. 2 weeks after opening it, the Hover board started malfunctioning and leaving grease streaks all over our carpet moments before it completely stopped working. We insisted that he not use it anymore until we brought it back to Best Buy, but assured him that everything would be okay as we had purchased the protection plan. An additional 2 weeks passed before our busy schedules allowed us to actually get to the store. We had purchased this online, but figured we would save Best Buy the additional postage as it’s a heavy item, as well as the time in transit, and return it to a physical store. My husband and I carved out a couple of hours from the business we own and operate to make this return. 


The incident that follows is what took place once we entered the Benton Harbor, MI location. 


We approached the customer service desk and were treated coolly by the customer service representative. We explained the issue and that we had purchased the protection plan, so it shouldn’t be a tough fix. She began looking up our information and breezed through everything telling us to click “accept” on things we weren’t being informed of. At the last moment, I interjected, “Wait! What are you having us sign?” She informed us that the $59.99 protection plan only covered 1 replacement. Even though it stated 2 years, it was only 1 replacement within a 2 year period. She said she would replace it and we would have to purchase an additional $59.99 plan and purchase it again every time it had to be replaced. This seemed surprising to us, considering that the Hover Board had quit working within 2 weeks of use. We asked if we could just return it since it had been such a short period of time and were informed that while we could have done that 5 days ago, it was now beyond the time allowed for a return. We asked to speak to a manager since it was our understanding that it was a 2 year return protection plan.


At this point, Jordan, who informed us that he was a manager, came up to assist. I use the word “assist”, but his attitude from the very moment he stepped up to help us was hostile and insolent. He was demeaning and informed us that he had little concern for what we thought we bought, this was the policy. He stated emphatically, “I do everything by the book and any other manager that would do anything different should be FIRED!” We thought this statement was unusual and out of place, but we asked to see the policy just to confirm. We realized that we likely misunderstood this policy, but wanted to see it in print. He looked for several minutes and said he couldn’t find it but stated that we could look it up on the website. 


For clarification, I proposed that if I replaced it, bought the protection plan, and then it broke again, I would again have to pay $59.99 every time this happened for the foreseeable 2 year future. If this occurred every month, as the track record had been with our first purchase, this would amount to nearly $1500.00 for a $200.00 item. He replied, “Well, then you shouldn’t buy something that’s junk. If you think it’s going to break, you shouldn’t buy it.” I replied that I didn’t think it was going to break when I bought it, but my initial experience with this product was making me question its level of quality. 


He continued to escalate the conversation with a high level of contempt. At this point, I informed him that I felt he was being rude and would appreciate it if he could be more respectful. He continued on in blatant rudeness, so I took out my iPhone and began recording a video of his behavior. I assumed that this would curb his extreme disrespect now that the situation was being recorded. Instead, this further escalated the situation and you can watch on the video as he tells security to call the police because we were recording video. I asked him why he was calling the police because there was no issue of security. He became defensive and falsely accused me on video of “assaulting him”. My husband and 1 other witness who had been there the whole time were shocked that he would even make such a claim. We asked him what I had done to “assault” him and he quickly downgraded it to “insulting” him. The store manager then came running up and demanded that security call the police because we were recording video. He stated that we were not allowed to record any video and that we would have to leave the store and he was calling the police because of us recording video. We stated that we just wanted to get our son’s Hover Board exchanged and he said he would not allow us to do so and that he could refuse to allow us into the store because we had recorded a video. He stated that he could “kick anyone out [his] store that [he] wanted to for trespassing”. 


This incident is deeply disturbing. We have done a large amount of business with Amazon over the years and have been happy with their service on every occasion. We have read how box stores are struggling to compete in the face of competitors like Amazon. Before we made out purchase, we compared the cost of the Hover Board with both Best Buy and Amazon. Amazon had a lower price and a lower protection plan cost, but considering the savings was less than $30, we decided to give our business to Best Buy in order to do a little part in helping keep our local Best Buy in business. The was a HUGE mistake. Not only were we unable to make a return, we were humiliated in the store and in the community in which we live and work. I am disturbed that this level of unprofessionalism is not only tolerated, but encouraged, as witnessed in your store manager’s support of this behavior. 


Today, we resolved that based on this experience, we will never again do business with Best Buy. 




Kai and Kristi {removed per forum guidelines}


P.S. It doesn't appear there is an option to upload the video. It is definitely worth watching as you can see all of the above statements supported as well as the hostility and insolence of the managers Jordan and Tim. 

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Re: Worst experience ever at your Benton Harbor location.

Hello kaiandkristi,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on the Best Buy forum to let us know about your recent experience when visiting the Benton Harbor, MI store. A hover scooter sounds like a super fun gift for your son so it’s great to hear that he enjoyed it. I know it can be quite disappointing if a beloved product doesn’t last as long as originally expected so I’m glad you ended up purchasing a Geek Squad Protection Plan (GSP) so you could have a replacement option.


As for the GSP you purchased, I’ll gladly answer your questions about fulfillment of that plan. If your GSP is a Replacement Plan (often described as a GSP-R), instead of offering repair services, products that are covered would be replaced. It sounds like there was some confusion about that when you made the purchase online, though. While the plan terms may be for 2 years, that doesn’t mean a customer will receive endless replacement within that time frame, it simply means that if they seek service within that 2-year span, they should be covered. You can see the full terms & conditions of your GSP on by selecting the appropriate drop-down from the link here. Using the information you provided, I pulled up the terms and conditions and found the section that answers your question about fulfillment. Please see the heading in section 12 entitled “Fulfillment of Plans.” Once you pull up the plan. There, you can see the following:


For all other Covered Products, except when covered by a Continuous Monthly Plan, our obligations will be fulfilled in their entirety if we replace your Covered Product with a new product or if we issue you a store credit or gift card for its current market value not to exceed the original purchase price of your Covered Product including taxes.


What that section means, is that if we replace your hover scooter under the terms of this plan, then it is considered used completely. If you want to continue having a GSP-R on the new product you received from fulfilling the plan, you would indeed need to purchase a new GSP-R plan.


All of this aside, any confusion about fulfillment of your plan should, of course, be addressed by representatives and managers in a respectful manner. You’ve said that you want to provide the video you recorded and I would be interested in seeing it. To that end, I’ll be sending you a private message to ask for some additional details. As you may already know, you should be able to view your private messages by logging into the forum and selecting the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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