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Worst Warranty Experience

I have now spoken to a Geek Squad warranty agent and the same woman at A&E Factory Services three times. This last time, the woman at A&E just put me on perma-hold after I told her I had spoken to her twice already. I recognized her voice and her name, though she mumbles. I'm pretty sure it was "Debbie." When I called back, she actually hung up on me!


I was trying to schedule someone to come fix my one year-old dryer, which was under warranty. All of the Geek Squad agents I spoke with were great, and we had scheduled someone to come from A&E, but when the day arrived the tech never showed up. This actually happened twice. The first time, the A&E customer service rep (pretty sure it was the same "Debbie") said they called to reschedule, but that was not true. They somehow called my wife's phone even though it is my number associated with the account. Weird. The second time, "Debbie" just never bothered to enter in the date and claimed there was no record.


I finally just called Best Buy back and cancelled my warranty and got my money refunded. I'll just fix the dryer myself.


All I wanted to do was to get my dryer fixed! 


Don't waste your money on a warranty, because A&E, the company Geek Squad contracts with, is just horrendous! 

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Re: Worst Warranty Experience

Welcome to the Best Buy forums cjpetherick-


It’s fantastic to hear you were able to connect to a few of our Geek Squad Agents to work with them about your warranty, but it would be understandable to reach out to us if you were unable to obtain the repairs needed to fix your dryer.   We truly appreciate your feedback!


I’d be unable to offer a different resolution besides to help you by rescheduling your appointment with us to get a repair person out to your home.  Knowing you’ve stated you’re looking to repair the appliance yourself, know that we’ll be here if you need our help with scheduling a service date!


Now that you’ve registered with the community please know you’re welcome to write back to us if we can lend a helping hand!



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