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Worst Customer Service-Repair Service EVER

On Jan 30 2021 I picked up a new (refurbished) computer. For the next two days I installed all the programs I use, transferred a thousand files and a couple thousand photos (that I had thankfully copied to a flash drive before my old computer completly crashed), fixed settings to suit my needs and all the while, I was hindered by the mouse (that came with the computer) was acting strange. When I scrolled a page or hovered over a link on a web page, the right mouse click menu would pop up - often repeatedly. 


My finger was no where near the right click mouse button. It was very frustrating.

If I was clicking and scrolling or typing to fill in a form, and my cursor happened to be in the same position as the popped up menu, I would end on clicking on something and throw everything I was doing off, either closing a page, translating it, or trying to cast to my tv, among other things.  I went through all the mouse settings, slowed down the cursor, everything. 


On or around Thursday, Feb 4th, I decided it was not going to get better, and I had enough, so I went online to find support, and after searching, ended up starting a chat session. The chat person advised me to make an appointment and take the mouse to my local store to have it fixed. During that chat session, I specifically asked if I had to pack up the entire computer, or if I could just take the mouse... I was told that I could just take the mouse. so I made an appointment for that day, there was only one time slot left between 1:00-1:20 and it was already 12:59!!!  so I rushed and made a special trip to the store.  (the next avalable appointment was not until the 14th) 



... when I got to the store, the very rude tech service person told me that I had to bring back the computer and the keyboard for a return and they would replace all 3 items.  This was not an option, as I had already set up the computer, loaded all my programs and files, and it took a week for the store to get one in stock to begin with.


So now my options are - take the loss and go buy another mouse - or delete everything off the new computer, wait for a replacement, then spend 2 to 3 more days setting up the replacement computer - all because of a little $15 mouse?

that may just have had a setting off or something, but the tech guy wouldn't even look at it to try to fix it. so I wasted my time on chat, my time running to the store, and my time trying to find help on this issue... pretty much all day.


All I want is a mouse that works, is that too much to ask?




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Re: Worst Customer Service-Repair Service EVER

Hi, mc4home, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for posting on our forum for support, although I hate to hear about the issue you've run into. I know how frustrating it can be to have a mouse malfunction when you're trying to navigate your computer, so I can imagine wanting to make this quick fix and get back to work. I'm sorry you may have been misinformed about what to bring and expect at your Geek Squad appointment. I'd like the chance to look into this and help.

To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. Also, please share what store location you brought your mouse to for your appointment. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.



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