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Wish to cancel a repair, can't get anywhere.

Yesterday I dropped off a PC that was stuck in a boot loop. It's a 3 year old hp that had always worked fine up until last week when it started crashing constantly. Finally Sunday it got stuck in a boot loop and could not get past the startup screen. I took it to get looked at and the associate told me that it would have to shipped to the repair center. I was hesitant about this but was told that it would be repaired within 2 weeks. After looking around online I found that most people were waiting a month just to hear back about their repairs.

I was told that it most likely needed the motherboard replaced based on the stop codes and crashing. He didn't really tell me how expensive this repair would be, I found that out later when I did more research myself. Once I take into account the shipping fees, diagnostic fee, backup, and windows installation it will likely cost me near what I paid for the PC in the first place.

Finally I was told that they could back up my files before shipping the PC, and could do it on an external hard drive I already owned. This sounded good at the time because I could get my files back in case anything happened to the PC itself (assuming the hard drive isn't corrupt). I found out this wasn't true when I looked at my service tracker a couple hours later and saw that my hard drive had shipped with the PC.

I have called customer service to try and get the repair cancelled and just have my PC shipped back to me without doing any work to it. I also had it confirmed that it would likely take over a month before it would even be looked at. I was told that they weren't able to do anything and there wasn't a way for me to get in contact with the repair center. I really just don't want to have anything done to my PC because I feel that geek squad was not transperant with me when I was in the store. If I had known a more accurate time and price I would never have agreed to ship my PC. I would have just taken the money and bought a new one and tried to recover my files from my hard drive.
If there is any way I could possibly cancel the repair and have my PC shipped back I will gladly pay the shipping and diagnostic fee.
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Re: Wish to cancel a repair, can't get anywhere.

Hey there, Scott941,


Welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out. I know how important having a working PC is these days, so I would be more than happy to look into this and see what's possible regarding getting that back to you or who we might be able to contact for support. So I can get started, would you mind sending over a private message with your full name, phone number, email and the location which you brought the device to? That will help me to be most thorough. To send that message over you can utilize the blue button below to the right of my name. Once I've gotten that I'll do what I can.


Kindest regards,

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