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Whirlpool WR757SDEM don’t buy

I am an elite member and I brought a Whirlpool refrigerator (WR757SDEM) three years with a 3 year warranty. The refrigerator was being repaired every two months for the pass two years and I told BestBuy that this refrigerator was a lemon, but they told me that it haven’t gotten to that point, they didn’t clarify what the point was. I have used my vacation time to be home when the service repair person came to diagnose the problem and had to take off more time when they came back to fix the problem. I had someone came to my house over fifteen times for this refrigerator. A repair man came out two months because the refrigerator does not get cold, this was the fifth time for this problem, but now my three year warranty has expired last month and the refrigerator is no longer, but BestBuy won’t come out unless I buy another warranty. How does a year warranty expired after three years when you have a 2 year manufacture warranty?

I spend too much at Bestbuy and waited too much vacation time for them not to fix this refrigerator when it constantly having the same problem. I going to have to get this resolved through the BBB, because I spent $2000, not including warranty for this piece of junk. I had to trash a lot food because of this refrigerator.