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Whirlpool Microwave

We bought a Whirlpool Microwave 2yrs ago from Best Buy with the Geek Squad Protection. The microwave stared having problems with in May (2019), so I contact Geek Squad, they told me they would order some parts and send to my home on for my schedule appointment on 6/13/19. The day of the appointment the technician called to remind me of appointment but I told the technician the parts they sent I have yet to receive. So, the technician checked the tracking of the parts and saw that the parts we're still in transit. Therefore we agree to reschedule the appointment for a week out 6/20/19.
Fast forward to 6/20/19, two technicians from Geek Squad shows up at my house at about 9am, and after 30 minutes they concluded that my microwave turning unit was bad, BUT they will need to order parts and reschedule me again, this time we agree to reschedule for 6/27/19.
Fast forward to 6/27/19, two technicians arrived at about 8:30am, which one of the original technicians was a different guy. After about 30 minutes they told me it's my sensors, which the microwave had 4 sensors, so they need to order parts and reschedule me. I told them I was going on vacation July 1st and won't be back to about July 25th, but because my microwave was still able to heat food I told them I can get by until July 25th, so I reschedule for 7/25/19 am appt. So, after the technicians left, I went and ran an errand. My wife calls me an hour later saying that now the microwave doesn't work at all, it's no longer heating because the start button now does nothing when you press it.
I called the technician and left a message that whatever they did has now made the problem worst. The technician never called me back. I called Geek Squad and they didn't have any appointments sooner then the following Tuesday July 2nd, which I said no to because I was going to be out of town July 1st to July 25th. I then contacted the Best Buy Store in Alliance Town Center in Ft. Worth, TX and the Store manager had the appliance manager from the store called me, but the appliance said all he could do us try to see if Geek Squad came come out sooner. So, he was only able to leave a message with Geek Squad service manager. Well, we see how that went.
So, I am coming back from vacation on Thursday July 18th, and called Geek Squad to see if they came come out Friday 7/19th, but they can't, the soonest would be 7/23 a Tuesday. I told them no way. This problem with my microwave I first reported to them the last week of May 2019. So, the Geek Squad phone rep said they left a message to service manager and tech who came out but the tech was off yesterday 7/16. So today 7/17 I called Geek Squad to see if I can get sooner, nope! The soonest is 7/24/19.
I don't know what else to do but to called our local NBC affiliated in Dallas Ft Worth Consumer Investigation line to see if they can help. The microwave only hosted about $230 and at this point Best Buy Geek Squad has paid more in parts and service appointments then the microwave cost. To make matters worse Geek Squad told me they have 3 attempts to fix and appliance until they can request a warrant replacement which that request can take another 7-10 days before that processes. Then who knows how long after that before you get the microwave. I am so frustrated with with Best Buy and Geek Squad, that God we didn't purchase our refrigerator from them, who knows how long that would take. So, I am ready to call the news about this, it's ridiculous I am going through this over a $230 microwave.
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Re: Whirlpool Microwave

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This certainly doesn’t sound like the most optimal repair situation for your microwave, so I can definitely understand you reaching out for some support. I’d be happy to see what assistance I may be able to provide for you. In order to do so, can you please send me a private message by clicking on the blue box in my signature below. Please be sure to include your full name, email, phone number, and service order number.



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Re: Whirlpool Microwave

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