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What options do Elite and Elite Plus members have to resolve problems?

Do any options exist for Elite and Elite Plus members have for a ranking Best Buy employee to review and potentially resolve a problem that is not being handled adequately or ignored completely by Geek Squad & Special Forces?


I'm not sure what I may have done or said wrong but I've been trying to resolve a part replacement to my refridgerator and prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday was put in a complete phone call from Special Forces, to A&E Factory services, to ServiceNet (sp?), and back to Special Forces. All associates from each group essentially kept passing the proverbial buck until the last time I was looped back to Special Forces and advised by the associate that they have left a message with their dispatch team (--this was on 11/20) and would call me back the following day (--has not happened since). I got the feeling during that final call I was being told something I would like to hear but there was no real interest on the associates part to actually to do what was said and solve my part replacement challenge.


I just don't know what to do at this point and feel disappointed that a long time customer that has held Elite or Elite Plus status consistently for many years (--and when the rewards program was known as something else) is disregarded in such a cavalier attitude.