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Washing machine repairs

I purchased a washing machine in October 2016 from Best Buy particularly because I could get the Geek Squad protection plan. At the moment, I am awaiting my 4th service call in the 14 months we have owned the product. The 3rd service call was due to an issue directly from the 2nd service call repair (Started immediately after, and did not occur when the machine was new or in the year prior to that repair), and the 3rd servicer refused to look inside the machine and told me my pipes were to blame. Best Buy keeps sending out different appliance repair companies, all of who give at least a 4 hour arrival window. It is ridiculous that a brand new washing machine in an average household (4 people) should need 4 service calls in 14 months, and I am reaching out to Best Buy for replacement of the product. Every time I call, I am placed on hold and transferred numerous times, with each person telling me a "different department" can help. Please, Best Buy, stand behind your products and replace this washer. 

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Re: Washing machine repairs

Hi kaguertin,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for your post! In a similar situation to you, I’ve recently dealt with repairs on my refrigerator. I know it’s quite a bit inconvenient having to rearrange your schedule to accommodate a technician. I can imagine having to do this multiple times would possibly get a bit frustrating. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this.  


Your Geek Squad Protection provides coverage for repair. A replacement would typically only be an option if a technician deems the unit unrepairable or you have had the exact same repair done too many times. While we would usually have to refer you to a repair technician for such a decision, I would be happy to take a look at your situation and see if I can infer where we stand. To do so, I will need to request a little bit of additional information. Would you be able to send me a private message, using the link next to my signature below, that includes your name, email, and phone number?    



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Re: Washing machine repairs

Best Buy now forcing me to have a 4th (4!) service call in 30 days for the same problem, and has refused to replace the machine simply stating that the appliance repair company will just come repair it again.


4 repair calls in 30 days, and this will be the 3rd time the valves are replaced. I was told this is considered one "issue" by the insurance because it is all happening without 30 days in between calls. Problem is, they haven't been able to get my machine to WORK for 30 days!!!


Best Buy is really disappointing me on this one. Rejected my request to replace the machine because they don't have to pay the servicer to come out again since it's a "re-repair" within 30 days, so it's better for Best Buy to ask for another service call rather than treat their customer correctly and replace the machine.


4 service calls for the same issue in 1 month is insanity.