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Washing Machine Repair -



We purchased a Best Buy warranty with my Samsung washing machine in 2019. We started having a problem with the machine almost 3 weeks ago. The machine was not spinning all of the water out of the clothes.


We called Geek Squad and a technician came out on February 15th. He ordered a  part and a second appointment was made.


The technician came out a second time to install the new part. After he left we discovered that the machine had a new problem, now It wouldn't even fill with water. We made a third appointment for another technician to come out.


The technician came out a third time and said the part was installed incorrectly and he correctly installed the part. After re-installing the part the machine was still not working, the water was not coming into the tub, he said the part was defective and ordered another part(s).


The issue is still not resolved. Now it is March 7th and we are waiting for more parts to be delivered and have another appointment scheduled for March 10th. This will be over 3 weeks without our machine.  I didn't know when I purchased the warranty that it would take over 3 weeks to repair the machine if something went bad on it. I would appreciate any help I can get in escalating this issue.


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Re: Washing Machine Repair -

Hi, BronzyJ,


Welcome to our Forums. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us here. I know it's frustrating to go longer than expected without a major appliance. I'm happy to look into this and assist where possible. In order for me to assist, please send a Private Message with your name, phone number, and email so I can pull up the repair history.


Please know, as of March 20, the Best Buy Forums will be decommissioned. Our team will be available to provide support through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. In the future, you can also visit us at for assistance. We look forward to assisting you through these platforms!





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