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How the salesman advertises the warranty to how it is used are two different things. When I bought my 43 inch tv my salesman pushed a warranty that covers everything. I specifically asked all TV components, cracks, pixels all were a yes. Well I go to turn on my TV and no picture no lines just sound. I call and they send a Geek Squad ech over he starts removing the screws on the TV and then he turns it on and all of the sudden I have lines on my TV. So now I get a call that it's not covered. I am loyal to Best Buy, I hold their CC, I even purchase from you when your price is higher than your competitors. A 43 inch TV is not expensive to replace. You should train your associates to not use those techniques when selling a warranty because when and if it gets used you can lose a valuable customer over it.
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Re: Warrenty

"lines" would be covered. Physical damage to the lcd would not be. It's all in the documents they email shortly after buying a service plan.