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I have never been so disappointed in service in my life. I have been a customer with Best Buy for over 10 years. I have been an elite plus member for at least 5 years straight. I put the extended warranty on every purchase I make. I purchased a microwave in Jan of 2020 I put a 5 year warranty on it. Yesterday my son was making popcorn in it and it started to spark after hearing him yell for me I quickly unplugged it. This morning I took the microwave down and went back to my local Best buy. I brought the microwave into the store only to have the manager tell me I cannot return it. I was told I had to bring it back home and call for a service and only after I get a service to come to my house 3 times then I may get a replacement. I advised them I was an elite plus member that always puts the warranty on everything I buy and that was never explained to me. I was told by the sales rep that if anything ever went wrong I just had to bring it back to the store. The manager his name was William was very rude and said that is not the policy and that was not said to you. I asked him several time “are you calling me a liar?”in which he said take it however you want that was not said to you. I then decided to call Geek squad to see if they would assist that was a bigger nightmare I stood on hold for over an hour just to get to someone and then they tell me they have to transfer me because I had to go to the appliance geek squad. Another 45 minutes go by and I finally get someone he tells me he can’t do anything after I explain to him what happened. I asked to speak to a manager and he says they have the same authority as he does. I have to take the unit home and just wait.

This is totally unacceptable behavior towards one of your loyal customers. With all the competition out there you would think that Best Buy would want to keep their loyal customers. This is my last resort if something cannot be done then I have no problems spending my money in another establishment that will treat me with respect and appreciate my loyalty.
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Re: Warranty

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Good afternoon, eriverany1,


Welcome to our forums.  Whether you’ve been shopping with us for years, or only made one purchase, we hope all our customers will have a positive experience whenever the visit one of our stores for assistance, so I’m disappointed to hear your experience with William has only added to an already frustrating experience for you.


In regards to the microwave in question, please know that while our Geek Squad Protection plans (GSPs) are designed to extend and enhance coverage for your products should you run into any issues, this does not extend the return/exchange period of your products.  As such, if you’re still having issues with your microwave and would like to utilize your GSP to repair it, I recommend scheduling a repair service with our Geek Squad, so they might take a closer look.  To schedule your service, you can do so online here, or by phone at 1-800-433-5778.



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Re: Warranty

Just as I thought beat buy has no loyalty to its long term customers. They do not back up their word and sold me a worthless warranty. Why else would I buy the warranty on everything I purchased. I was told I could bring it back to the store with any problem and return it no Hassle. Why don’t you take a survey with your customers and see how many were deceived by your representatives and sold these warranties under false promises. Obviously I’m not gonna get help here. I will never make another purchase from Best Buy again. Elite plus members mean nothing just as loyalty means nothing. You gave me the same dumb option bring it home wait a week and it can’t be changed until service comes out 3 different times. I also will be sending my situation and how it was handled to the corporate office. I’m glad everyone who reads this can see how badly loyal customers are treated.
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Re: Warranty

What are you talking about??? It's a WARRANTY... The same as when you get an extended warranty on a car... They don't give you a new car, they fix the one you have. This isn't a best buy thing, it's littererally how warranties work and is spells out in the documentation in the warranty you purchased.