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Warranty on phones?

How the warranty on phones work? 🤔 I purchase the warranty and need to pay more for a repair? Can I return the phone if the phone don't work well? Have a upgrade program?

I ask the the return policy because for example I have a problem with a tv, for the three first months everything perfect, but a the day 90-100 the tv do weird thing so I go back to the store and change for a different tv.

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Re: Warranty on phones?

The terms of Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plans and any deductibles or repair costs you'd have to pay really depends on a few factors, most notably the product in question and the type of GSP plan you purchased. 


With cell phones, for example, you'd generally pay for the plan upfront (or in small monthly amounts), which gives you the right to use your coverage. If/when the time comes to have a repair done on your phone, there may be an additional service fee you'd need to pay as described here. You would only be able to return or exchange your phone within 14 days of purchase.


For TVs, there typically aren't many service fees that you'd have to pay at the time of repair, but again, it can really depend on a variety of factors. You may want to review the terms and conditions of your plan or chat with a Geek Squad Agent at (800) 433-5778 for a more accurate idea of what to expect.

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