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Warranty on Samsung Refrigertor

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In Sept 2013 we purchased a Samsung a 29CUft double door refrigerator at the Best Buy store in Humble, TX. It was delivered Oct. 5, 2013. We purchased the 5 year warranty. From the time it was set up there was a slight clicking noise from the refrigertor. We did not think much of it. By Aug 2018 the noise was becoming louder and louder. We paid for the refrigerator using our Best Buy account. We called at the end of August and talked to Pacific about getting someone out to check out the problem. We could not find our receipt. We gave them our account number and my wife's phone which is the main phone number for the account. They still could not find the purchase information and referred us to Samsung. Samsung said it sounded like there was ice in the back that was being hit by the circulation fan. No one was sent out as it was going to cost us money. I was sure we had purchased the extended warranty. Today we found the receipt which had my telephone number on it for the call to deliver the unit. When we called today they found it with my phone number. I am also on the account. Had they found the receipt when we first called it would have been under warranty and the repair done. Now we are out of the warranty and they refuse to take care. I realize that if we had just found the issue it would be out of warranty. My complaint is had they found the contract at our first call they would have repaired it under the warranty. I feel that their system prevented them from finding the contract and receipt even with the account number where it was charged. I want you to repair the unit now since I contacted you prior to the expiration of the warranty and you would have repaired it before the warranty ran out had your system not prevented  you from finding your receipt and contract. Ron {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Warranty on Samsung Refrigertor

That's how the warranty works in some companies, as long as you didn't find the issue and even they found the issue, they will not tell you that and warranties are not applicable. Smiley Happy
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Re: Warranty on Samsung Refrigertor

If it is an ice issue, unplugging it and letting it thaw out for a day would solve it.
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Re: Warranty on Samsung Refrigertor

Good afternoon, Ron,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum and thank you for reaching out to tell us about your experience. Having an issue with an important appliance like a refrigerator is certainly not pleasant so I can understand why that would be quite frustrating.


Regarding your belief that agents should have found your receipt when you called, it sounds like you’re saying you and your wife have a joint My Best Buy credit card account. While your payment method may be connected in Citibank systems (the issuer of the My Best Buy credit card), that doesn’t mean that your purchase receipts at Best Buy are stored in our system jointly. In your post, you say that the purchase was made with your information, so that would mean that your phone number etc. would need to be used when searching for the purchase receipt. As your wife’s information wasn’t included on the receipt, her information would not pull up your purchase receipt. I hope this helps to clarify.


While I understand it’s certainly disappointing, if your Geek Squad Protection Plan (GSP) has expired, then free service would no longer be available for your Samsung fridge. To clarify, though, it sounds like you may have made this purchase from a Pacific Sales (PAC) within your local Best Buy. Some PAC sales purchases and information may not be available in Best Buy systems, particularly when they were made so long ago. Was this purchase made with PAC sales?


While I cannot make promises, I would be happy to take a look to see if there are any other options available that I may be able to assist with. For me to get started, can you please provide some additional information? I’ll need:


  • Your full name
  • Your phone number (used for the purchase)
  • Your email address (used for the purchase)
  • The customer service PIN (toward the bottom of your store receipt)


To keep your information secure, please send those details in a private message by selecting that option in my signature below this post.

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Warranty on Samsung Refrigertor

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{removed per fourm guidelines}

Kayla, thank you for your assistance in this matter. My complaint is based on the fact that I contacted BB and Pacific during the existing warranty period but they said they could not find my receipt. I could not find mine until a few days ago. It have been placed in the wrong file. (a copy of the receipt can be found by following the link above) I thought they could find it using my BB account since we had charged it to that account. Alas they could not find it. The problem, a clicking noise, had been present from the beginning and though my wife noticed it, I thought is was just a normal sound of the fan running in the refrigerator. I continued to get worse until last Summer when we realized that was just not normal. It began to make a big noise and was not cooling as it had. We contacted BB in about August of 2018 to see what could be done. The above happened. The following is the information you requested.


Name: Ronald and Kathy {removed per fourm guidelines} (the account is actually in Kathy's name. both of use has a card.)

Phone number: Ron {removed per fourm guidelines}; Kathy {removed per fourm guidelines}

Email address: At the time of purchase the email was {removed per fourm guidelines}. Now we use {removed per fourm guidelines}

Customer PIN: I could not find a "PIN" but I found a customer number {removed per fourm guidelines} which is actually part of my phone number.


As you can see from the receipt the last 4 of the card used is 9758.


I have had many refrigerators and never had a problem like this from the beginning and certainly not within the first 5 years. 


I have always found that general BB has tired to make things right. I hope you can make this happen this time. Had I been able to find the receipt at the time, it would have been handled and we would not be having this conversation. If you need further information, please let me know. You now have my phone number and email. You can contact me on either one. Thank you very much.

Ron & Kathy {removed per forum guidelines}









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Re: Warranty on Samsung Refrigertor

Hello again, RonKathyD, 


Thank you for sharing all the information that you've provided us.  I edited the post to make sure your family's personal information remains your own and out of the public's eye.  

With apologies, the receipt you've provided still was being unable to be found on my end here.  As Kayla stated earlier, sometimes there are some times where we're unable to locate the receipt, and I'm sorry this was not able to be located in time before your warranty expired.  Knowing this wasn't the response you were hoping for, I would only have options available for repair, but it would be at a cost to you.  I do wish I had better news for you and I'm more than willing to get you in touch with the correct repair technicians who could better assist you with your refrigerator.  

Is this something you'd like me to do for you?

JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Warranty on Samsung Refrigertor

I sent you the receipt in the last response. This is very disappointing. I will seriously have to consider any further interactions with BB. I am going to write a letter to the CEO about this issue.