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Warranty Lies

Back in October of 2017 i had bought a new Bluetooth Headset with the BestBuy warranty. Fast forward to March of 2018 I'm getting out of my car and walking into work when I feel something hit my shoulder and fall. I look and its my Bluetooth on the street side the clip that holds it on my ear broke some how and was still on my ear but before I can grab the other part a car runs over it. So I come into my BestBuy and tell them what happens and that I have the warranty etc and the worker says sorry not our problem. I asked to speak to a manager at which I am told they are all busy and to come back later. Fast forward several more trips back and forth being told they are busy and that they don't cover accidental damage and explain that it wouldn't have gotten run over if the clip holding it wasn't faulty. Now the warranty expired in October of 2018 and have yet since then or before be able to get this resolved. I would not recommend buying anything extra from BestBuy because they will lie to you and say that it covers something when it doesn't. I won't buy anything other then certain movies I can't find else where. Sadly I will have to get in contact with the BBB if someone can't seem to assist me. 

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Re: Warranty Lies

Hey there, tbaker0040,


Welcome back to the Best Buy forum. I appreciate you taking the time to write in to us about your experience last year with your Bluetooth headset. What you describe sounds like some pretty poor timing in terms of a car coming along right as your headset fell off back in March.


Regarding coverage for products under Geek Squad Protection (GSP) you may have already been advised physical damage isn’t covered under all plans. There is one plan that covers accidental damage from handling (GSP-ADH), though. You can see the terms and conditions of our GSPs on our website here—simply select the correct date range from the drop-down menu. Beyond questions about coverage, most GSPs are longer than 1 year. Since you’re reporting that your purchase was made in Oct 2017, it does seem strange that you’re reporting it has expired already. Though I cannot promise a different result, I’d be happy to double check your plan expiration as well as what plan you purchased for your Bluetooth headset. For me to do that, can you please provide your full name, phone number and email address. To keep your information secure, you should be able to send me a private message by selecting the “private message” button in my signature below.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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