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Waiting for Response from Geek Squad

Hi there, So last my tv that I had purchase through Best Buy recently started having issues cycling through its boot up and not powering up with vertical lines appearing through its boot up cycle. Geek Squad came by to take a look at the Television last Saturday (02/04/2023), took some pictures and said they would reach out back to me. I know its only been a few days since they've come by. But I'm curious as to why I haven't been given update when geek squad will repair the tv? I do have the geek squad protection plan so I'm just been waiting patiently and quite anxiously to get some updates. Thank you!

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Re: Waiting for Response from Geek Squad

Hello, Emaldo86, 

Thanks for reaching out. My family spends quite a bit of time watching our favorite shows, movies, and sports teams together, so I understand there is never an ideal time for a TV to stop working properly. I’m glad to hear a Geek Squad Agent has already been out to diagnose the issue, although I understand you have yet to receive an update, which is surprising. I’d be happy to see if I may have the means to provide some insight. 

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