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Very annoyed with Best Buy and their customer service

My wife bought a HP computer 2 years ago.  It had issues with the touch screen.  I took it into the Geek Squard and they felt it was a hardware issue and to pay $85 to send it out.  I applied a $25 gift card to the bill and paid the resy my credit card.   This all happened in late August.  I waited for a couple weeks and had no update on the computer.  I finally received an update and had to call Geek Squad.  They advised me it was a $450 fix and a part had to be ordered.  I advised them to go ahead.  I checked online for a couple of weeks and it showed it was in repair.  I waited for several more weeks which ended up being 5 weeks in total.  I received an email telling me that the item was having a final test and was being shipped back to the store. I tracked the item and Best Buy received it and called me that night.  When they called, the guy on the phone stated did I know the update.  I stated it was shipped back in fixed.  He advised me that they were unable to fix it and they would refund the charge and to come pickup the item.  My wife decided she was disgusted with Best Buy and would wait until this Saturday to pick it up.  Best Buy called me last night advising the item was fixed and to come pick it up.  My wife asked are you sure it is fixed because we were told it wasn't.  He corrected himself and advised that it is still broken.  My wife decided to go to Best Buy last night.  When she came home she advised me that she received a $50 refund.  I advised her that it was more than $50.  So I found the receipt and showed her that we were originally charged a total of $85.  So I called Best Buy today and I learned that there phone tree does there best to not give you a human being to work with.  I talked to someone who told me he looked it up and there was $35.00 charge and a refund of $50.  He could not tell me what the $35.00 charge was for.  He was going to have his manager call me....which has not happened yet.  The direct phone number that he gave me goes to a fax machine.  My wife found the receipt last night showing the $35.00 was for labor..   What labor....the item was never fixed.   I want a full refund.  

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Re: Very annoyed with Best Buy and their customer service

Hello DennisNedley,

Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. It sounds like we weren’t able to get a part for that repair and that’s why it could not be completed. I’m sorry for the confusing with those phone calls. We should have been giving you accurate information about the status of your computer. 

As I understand it, we should have been able to provide you with a full refund if we were not able to complete that service for you. Please reach out to me through a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. I’d need your name, email address, phone number, and the service order number from when you sent the computer out. If you could also send along the customer service PINs from your receipts, that would be a help.


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Re: Very annoyed with Best Buy and their customer service