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Very Dissatisfied with customer service I received with 2 incidents

The first incident occurred on 9/23 concerning a HP All in one computer that fell and damaged the stand. I took into Geek Squad, was covered by my protection plan. The service I received at the in-house Geek Squad was phenomenal. I received all the notifications of the shipment, receiving, looking at, and sending back notifications. I received the computer back on 10/7 (approx 2 weeks). When I picked the computer, nothing.....NOTHING....was fixed on it. The computer was in the same condition when I sent the computer out. I sent the computer immediately that day, received notification of shipping, then received an individual email from service tech there at the center advising they broke the computer and were fixing their mistake; then shipped the computer back. Received the computer back 11/1 (over a month). My frustration is that I have been without the computer for over a month, losing revenue, losing production, losing time, and could have all been avoided if the computer was fixed the first time. I called and spoke with Geek Squad customer service, and the complaint fell on deaf ears, just a sorry to hear that. I have no confidence in purchasing another protection plan, and using Geek Squad services for other home or tech needs.  Some kind of effort for making amends and asking for my continued business in the future. The customer service guy advised the problem wasn't big enough to upsend the compliant. This was frustrating sending out the message, that even though it took more than a month to fix everything is okay with that service.


The second incident occured 10/5 when I ordered a Samsung Galaxy 10+ online from a store approximately an hour or so away from my location. I was looking for a specific color, and that store had it. I ordered on a saturday afternoon with an arrival date on 10/8, which was a Tuesday. I work as a firefighter, and work 24hr shifts, so I worked that Sunday was due back on Wednesday, and needed the phone for work. Tuesday evening came around (10/8) approx 7-7:30 that night and the tracker advised the shipment was out for delivery. I called both Best Buy and UPS concerning the package. Best Buy customer service advised the package was being delivered as was out for delivery. After speaking with UPS, they never received the package from the carrier, which was Best Buy. I called back to Best Buy and the lady was adamant about the shipment, and then changed the delivery date to the next day saying there was something wrong in the delivery and the earliest I could receive the package was the next day. I was extremely upset, advising that if I had known I could have drove up to the other store location to pick up, and that it was necessary to have the phone for work the next day due to receiving calls for emergencies 911 activated system notification program; and here it was 7:30pm at night and I was still waiting thinking I was receiving the shipment. She also said, just wait till 10pm and see if you get the package and if not, then just call us back. I had reached my point of frustration trying to resolved the issue, and the lady spoke with her supervisor; which advised the best they could do is issue a $25 gift card since the deliver times were estimates. Personally that was an insult to resolve the problem. $100 might have made me more at ease, but either way I never received the gift card the lady offered.


I have intentions on purchasing a 70-75" OLED TV with home stereo system this holiday season from best buy, but I am highly reconsidering because these two incidents have left me wondering if I need to shop somewhere else. I have been a valved customer for a long time, and just feel like I have not been treated like one. Very disappointed and dissatisfied with poor service.

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Re: Very Dissatisfied with customer service I received with 2 incidents

Hey, HappyT,


Thanks for reaching out and voicing these concerns with us. You've come to the right place, and I'm happy to document this experience and see if there is anything I could do to help. I know phones and computers are essential for work, and having to go without for any amount of time is difficult. I 100% understand where you're coming from.


Please send me a private message with your full name, email, and phone number and I'm happy to see what I can do to help. 




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