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Used TV repair

I have tried to find an e-mail address for Best Buy Corporate, to send a complaint to, and asked online Chat Customer Service. Nothing. So, I've registered on this forum in hopes that my concerns are sent to those that can make a difference. I have purchased many computers, etc. from the Best Buy in Concord, NH for years, and have generally been happy with the products and service. However, in trying to get a used TV repaired I did not purchase from BB, has been a nightmare.


Firstly, in asking the store Geek Squad staff, several times, I was told that due to the TV being >42", they don't have the room to repair in-store and that I had to call to make a home appointment. I was told a home appointment to diagnose the problem was ~ $100 minimum, plus any parts they may have with them to repair. 


Today I called Geek Squad to make a home appointment and was told that I have to purchase a tech support/repair plan for $199 per year first, then I get 20% off the price of home diagnostic appointment!! What!? So that's almost $300 to just diagnose the problem, and maybe fix it?! Not only did the Concord, NH store personnel not tell me this plan was a requirement, the cost for this visit (and possible repair)  is almost the price of a NEW TV, which the GS person confirmed! How does this meet the Best Buy Corporate Environmental/Sustainability Mission??!!


It does not! If something is fixable, it should not cost that much to just diagnose it. This is just a way for BB and the foreign manufacturers to make more $ by requiring the service plan; and the customer just buys a new product and throws the broken one away, adding to the landfills! Not to mention adding to the carbon footprint by manufacturing more products to meet the demand. Oh I can probably pay to have the TV recycled at my transfer statioin, try to fix it myself, or find a repair shop (I tried - none in my area fix this size!).


This infuriates me that in today's technical world - everything is disposable! How many of you have heard - "oh, it's cheaper to just buy a new one, than have something fixed!" Sure, let's keep doing this until all of the U.S. landfills are full, and continue to deplete our natural resources and degrade the atmosphere!! The kids movie "Wall-E" comes to mind - its spot-on!  [I buy mostly from consignment/thrift shops when I can, and  I've had my 1990s microwave and stove/oven fixed by a great local repair guy and saved myself $100s, and they work fine.]


It is time for Best Buy, and other businesses and manufacturers to stop contriubting to this kind of environmental harm. I intend to not purchase anything more from Best Buy, until I see that this very poor tech support/repair policy is corrected. Please pass this on. 





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Re: Used TV repair

$100 is really not unreasonable. One needs to consider the cost of sending the technician out there in the first place.  Along with drive time and initial assessment it is going to be well over an hour.  There is the salary of the technician and the G&A, company  insurance premiums, etc...

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Re: Used TV repair

I agree, 100$ to diagnose a TV that has to be completely torn down to test and acquire part numbers is a good price. However if they never sold that TV it may be more challenging for them to acquire parts.
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Re: Used TV repair

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Hello, jhouston,


Welcome to the community! We appreciate you visiting the Best Buy Forums, and we welcome your feedback. I am sorry to hear you are having to have an old television repaired, but I can certainly appreciate wanting to do your part to continue to use the electronics you have available. Best Buy is always looking for ways to have a positive impact on the environment. We have a vast Recycling Program, as well as a Trade-In Program for some older electronics, and if we are able to repair a device, that is something we offer as well.


Some categories, such as televisions larger than 42 inches, do require in home service. A Total Tech Support membership is necessary if the item is not covered by Geek Squad Protection (GSP). More on that can be found in the link I’ve provided below. There may be some instances where the cost of repair may outweigh the cost to replace the device, and when that happens, it is ultimately up to the consumer as to how they would like to proceed. If you have further questions, or if you would like to set up a service appointment, please follow the link here, or reach back out to us for support.  




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