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Upset and angry with my recent purchase


I went to Best Buy withe intention of buying a refrigerator to replace the one that I had in my garage for many years. I found a salesperson after asking someone and after looking around for quite awhile. I showed him the two refrigerators I was considering and told him where it would be placed and for what purpose. He told me that he could have one of them delivered the next day and so I bought it and arranged to have the old one taken away. The refrigerator arrived and the delivery persons explained that the temp. was preset at the factory and I would have to wait at least 24 hours for it to get to the correct temperatures.  My frozen food from the other refrigerator had been stored with a friend.  The first thing I did was made ice cubes which worked out well. I purchased some ice cream and when I went back to use it it was soft. I looked for a user manual and didn't have one so I went on line to find one. I increased the temperature controls and the air flow as it said to do.  Again I waited the 24 hours.and rechecked the ice cream. It was still soft. I put a thermometer in the freezer and the lowest Ireading I could get was 8 degrees. I called the store several times over 2 days and could not reach anyone. I finally got a person on the third day who sent me to the Geek squad. The geek squad told me I had to call the refrigerator maker, Whirlpool because I had not purchased the extra warrantee. I called Whirlpool who agreed to send a repair person a week and a half later, the soonest someone could come, but I was put on a waiting list.  When the repair person came they said there was nothing that could be done because the refrigerator was located in an area that the temperature would drop below 55 degrees. No one had told me that this was a problem until then. The repair person advised me that Whirlpool would take the refrigerator back if it was still in the 30 day purchase window. It was and so I went to the website and saw that that was the case they stated on their website. I called them and spent at least 30 minutes on the phone while supervisors were involved. I was told that the 30 day return was only if the refrigerator was purchased on line from them. They told me I needed to contact Best Buy. So I tried to call the store again. It took a while, but I actually got someone in appliances. He told me I would have to calkl the national customer care office. He gave me the number. I contacted someone who was sorry but after I told him the story he said he couldn't help and transferred me to someone else who could. He transferred me to another person who listened and was sorry, but after again telling my story he said he couldn't help and transferred me to a third person. I told my story one more time and this person said he would speak to his supervisor. By this time my cell phone showed that I had been talking for over 50 minutes with Best Buy. The third person said it hgad been too long since I had bought the refrigerator and I couldn't return it. I had spent two hours of this night of my life that I would never get back. I am angry and feel cheated and used by Best Buy. I have been a steady and good customer at Best Buy for years and will likely never shop there again. I have a refrigerator that will not serve the purpose for which I intended it and got no help from either Best Buy or Whirlpool.