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Unsatisfactory Geek Squad Support

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During the time frames of dated September 17-21, I made an attempt to get a problem I was having trying to sign in a browser fixed on my Dell laptop. I was out of town in Beltsville, Maryland when this incident occurred. The following is a the timeline of events concerning the customer service I received and the reason for my low rating of Greek Squad.


Please Note: Myself and my relative had to physically drive to the the College Park location several times during this incident due to no one answering the phone to found out the status of my laptop. (This is totally unacceptable!)


September 17- I called the Greek Squad helpline and spoke to a individual by the name of Paul. Paul and I attempted to resolve the signing into a browser issue.

To no avail, Paul took access of laptop for about 3 to 4 hours. After no resolution to the issue, Paul proceeded to tell me that I did not have malware protection and that I had 192 malware threats and that I needed to purchase Webroot. I began to explain to Paul that I did have Webroot protection. Paul proceeded to argue with me and said he wasn't going fix the laptop unless I paid $199.00. I became livid to the treatment I was receiving and disconnected from the call.

I immediately called back to explain to another Geek Squad agent my previous encounter. He too said I did not have Webroot.


I then proceeded, later in the evening, called the Best Buy customer service line and spoke with 'Agent James' who without hesitation attempted to fix the issue that i spent particularly all day on. I also reiterated the issue I had previously encountered with the Greek Squad agent. He confirmed that I indeed have Webroot. He attempt to install Microsoft Edge to no avail. He immediately set an appointment up at the College Park Maryland location (GV72068K).



September 18-Please view Service Order No. {removed per forum guidelines} concerning what issues were found


September 21- I proceeded to use my computer after picking it up and found Microsoft Office had been taken completely off my laptop and was not put back on. Before booking a plane ticket to return back to Texas, I, again, contacted a Greek Squad agent later that night, due to calls going unanswered at the College Park, Maryland location. The Greek Squad agent  indicated that he didn't know why Microsoft Office was taken off my laptop when the notes shown gives no reason for this action.


To say the least, I had added expense put on me in having to pay for another plane ticket back to Texas and unfortunately shorten my trip due to me not being able to complete my assignments online with Walden University.


A Mr. Franklin {removed per forum guidelines}, Manager,  contacted me from the College Park location, after arriving back to Texas,  indicating that he will be seeking resolution to this issue. To date there has not been any contact concerning a complete resolution to this problem. I was told by this gentleman that he would be contacting corporate concerning my issue..  I'm seeking resolution to this issue before using Geek Squad services again...

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Re: Unsatisfactory Geek Squad Support

Good afternoon, AnnRags,


Welcome to our forums, albeit under such unfortunate circumstances.  I’m sorry to hear your experience with the Geek Squad repair of your laptop hasn’t gone as smoothly as we expect, and you’ve not seen any resolution to this matter.


Although we’ve removed the service order number you’ve provided to protect your private information, I was able to review the order number further.  It appears the name associated with this service order is different than the name you’ve used to register to our forums.  In accordance with our Privacy Policy, I’ll be unable to discuss this service order with you further.


With that said, if the person listed on this service order would like to create their own account on our Support Forums, and send me a private message with their full name, phone number, email address, and service order number, I’ll be happy to offer any additional assistance I can.



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Re: Unsatisfactory Geek Squad Support

To Whom This May Concern: Since I have not been able to get a resolution on the issue of my applications being wiped clean off of my Dell Lap and not put back on. The person on the service ticket is my son. When receiving service, I was this would not be an issue. I'm forced to contact consumer affairs and/or any agency that will assist in coming to a solve of this issue...
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Re: Unsatisfactory Geek Squad Support

Greetings AnnRags,


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share what your next steps may be. As you can understand, we take our customer’s privacy very seriously. As Sean shared with you under our Privacy Policy, we’d be unable to offer you any additional assistance on this matter. Please note we’d be happy to see how we might be able to help if the individual listed on the service order would reach out to us after creating their own profile here on our community.



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