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Unresolved warranty repair

I brought my laptop in for extremely loud, intermittent fan noise that happened three a weed wacker...
I took it in under warranty.
I was told the hard drive was bad, under warranty. I was NOT informed of the 30 day window to issue a complaint for repairs. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, because one week past that 30 day window, the weed wacker noise happened again. I called HP to see if it was "normal" for this model, because my laptop was just "repaired". They said no, but it could have been that the fan was bad as well as the hard drive, as they function together.
Best Buy says too bad, the fan didn't make that noise during the time we had it, now the 30 days has passed, so we are calling it a "new issue" that requires a pay-for repair.

It is not a new issue. It is the same issue for which I sent it off under warranty. I cannot force the weed wacker sound to occur within an arbitrary policy time period. But THIS WEED WACKER NOISE IS THE EXACT SAME REASON I BROUGHT MY LAPTOP IN UNDER WARRANTY! Now Best Buy wants to call this issue a seperate issue because of the 30 day period. A time period does not turn the same issue into a new issue, especially when a repair was made under warranty, but insufficiently.
Someone at Best Buy should be able to acknowledge that not all repair issues can be detected within 30 days, especially for very infrequent home users. They should also be able to acknowledge the possibility that their technicians may have missed a secondary fan defect. I don't even know if a hard drive can make a weed wacker noise, but if the hard drive was replaced, and the weed wacker noise occurred AGAIN, but after the 30 day window, it clearly was not only the hard drive that brought the laptop in under a warranty repair in the first place. IT IS THE SAME ISSUE, and someone should have the authority to agree that this issue was not resolved, but can be, easily. It is not my fault that my laptop refused to cooperate with some 30 day window.
Please help, before it happens again and my laptop blows up or something. That's what it sounds like.
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Re: Unresolved warranty repair

Hello Kskasprzak,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. I’m a former Geek Squad Agent myself, and I’ve run into loud fans many times, so I know how scary they can be.


We do offer a 30 day warranty of work after a computer is repaired at our service center. Beyond that 30 days, if the computer encounter additional issues, and if it is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or a Geek Squad Protection Plan, we would charge for the repair.


I’d like to check out your service order to confirm that your computer is no longer covered by any warranty. If you could please send me a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post, with your phone number and service order number, I’d appreciate it.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Unresolved warranty repair



I was able to speak with a few differernt people at length, and provided details and the timeline of my issue, and I finally found a manager who agreed that there was a solution. I picked up my fully repaired, very quiet laptop today. I am relieved and my faith in management restored that they even considered the possibility that my laptop deserved a second look. Thank you reasonable Best Buy managers in White Marsh (you know who you are) for your excellent customer service.