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Unable to have appliances repaired , on phone … ugh 1 day of my life I will not get back

Purchased a washer and dryer and extended warranty on each from bestbuy . Trying to get both repaired for MONTHS. Finally, an appointment made. Yay or so I thought. Now e-mail. Were going to replace no mention of what in the e-mail. Phone call to 866 number on hold for ever. Alright I just need to be able to do laundry. So now one full day on the phone no help and no one to address situation. I was lied to by bestbuy regarding repairs to my appliances. Seriously phone calls I can’t take anymore “O K so for that one” what does that mean??? No disrespect intended. I am just so frustrated with all the time wasted on hold, no answer to the situation, no repair and no replacement. AND OH, hold on let me transfer you to another department. For hours on end. Simply just asking for what I paid for. Repair for items. What can be so difficult… Bestbuy reputation is really going down the toilet. I think someone will answer this issue.
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Re: Unable to have appliances repaired , on phone … ugh 1 day of my life I will not get back

Hi there, divinecrs1.


Thank you for visiting our online community, although I wish we were meeting under a better circumstance. There is never an ideal time for a major appliance to fail, let alone two at the same time. Based on your description, the repair has taken a bit longer than expected, and there was some confusion as to which of the appliances had been approved for a replacement. When our customers need support, our teams should be doing everything they can to offer efficient assistance. What you've described is not a reflection of the type of service we aim to provide, and I apologize that was your experience. 


If you still need help, please send a Private Message. This option is located across from my signature. For verification purposes, please include your full name, email address, and telephone number. I'd be happy to look over the repair history, in effort to provide some clarity. 



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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