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Unable to get warranty work on Samsung Refrigerator

I have a Samsung refrigerator that I purchased from Best Buy 8-9 years ago.  I also have purchased the one of your Total Tech Support plans.  I am at this point greatly disappointed with both purchases.  We called Best Buy to have our refrigerator serviced using our Total Tech Support plan only to find out it wasn’t covered under the plan and would be an additional charge but the repair still needed to be done so we started the scheduling process.  When scheduling the repair we were informed it would be 6 days before someone could repair the refrigerator.  We waited and upon arrival the technician informed us the repair appeared to be a compressor and he would not be able to complete the repair and that we should call Samsung as the compressor should still be under warranty.


I called Samsung and went through their process only to find out the company they said would do the repair refused.  In fact, Samsung was unable to find a partner to do the repair and ended up just sending me a list of repair companies in my area.  After calling about 6 companies I found that none of them will work on Samsung refrigerators.  It is not that they will not do the warranty work on Samsung, they just refused to work on Samsung refrigerators period.


I did finally find a company that would work on the refrigerator but not as warranty work.  So my only option is to pay for a repair to a product under warranty.  I am extremely disappointed in Best Buy and Samsung and their inability to support a product that they both proudly sell.


Yesterday, I received a call from Samsung that they could not find anyone to do the warranty work so they were just going to close my ticket.  I am looking for Best Buy to help remedy the situation.  Samsung clearly doesn’t care about me as an individual consumer but I am sure they care about Best Buy because I assume your company accounts for a significant amount of their product sales.  My relationship isn’t really with Samsung as much as it is with Best Buy.  We have had a long and beneficial relationship but unfortunately the fact that you cannot support and I cannot get a warranty repair on a product that I purchased at your store and that you continue to sell is beginning to strain our relationship.


I would appreciate if someone at Best Buy can help me get this issue escalated with Samsung.  I have now been over 2 weeks without a refrigerator.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Unable to get warranty work on Samsung Refrigerator

Good luck finding techs to ever work on Samsung or LG. I managed a sears store for years and no techs want to work on Samsung or LG. Even when I would have floor models that wouldn't work and would need repair out of the carton the techs wouldn't want to work on them or they couldn't get parts for it. Depending on the issue thats going on with your fridge they might not even make the parts anymore or it might cost a ton to fix a 9 year old Samsung fridge that in the future if it breaks again you won't be able to get parts for. Sometimes those parts have to be shipped from south Korea and will take a month or more. Look into whirlpool or kitchenaid as they seem to be easier to get parts for and techs will work on them. I had a sears tech tell me he refuses to work on Samsung so if he sees its Samsung he will say he can't fix it with out even really diagnosing it.
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Re: Unable to get warranty work on Samsung Refrigerator

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Hello, boatfiji,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community Forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding your refrigerator. Having a Total Tech Support Membership is meant to make these situations easier. Being a mom to five boys, I would be reaching out to someone as well if I was in this situation.


We definitely appreciate your loyalty, and I'd like to get this documented, and look into any other options available for you. First, I am going to need some more details from you. Please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. To send it, click on the blue "Private Message" button next to my signature. I look forward to hearing back from you.



Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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