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 I purchased a Nintendo for my special needs son in March of 2019, along with a warranty for 2 years. I have never used the warranty except for 3 weeks ago when it stopped working. I stopped by best buy and they took it for repair. They informed me that Nintendo does not typically repair and they'll just replace it. I received the item back half replaced and the broken controllers were not touched. Given that, they also canceled my son's warranty stating that the repair exceeded the cost of Nintendo. It is supposed to end in March of 2021. However, all I want is the controllers fixed. He uses it in physical therapy to help with the movement of his thumbs and fingers. I have spoken with someone almost every 3-4 days and they tell me a request is being submitted to reinstate the warranty and that I will get an email within 5-7 emails. No one is calling me back or sending me any emails. This is unfair and makes me never want to purchase from Best Buy again. Obviously, any item depreciates in value over time. If I can not use my warranty within the 2 years of having the warranty, then why even offer it. It was returned half fixed and half damaged. I am tired of spending endless hours on the phone over controllers. This is unfair. Management inside of Best buy doesn't help and neither does the customer service over the phone. I am constantly being told I need to call someone else about it. I need help. 


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Good afternoon, Ayesha,


Welcome to our forums, albeit under such unfortunate circumstances.  It’s disappointing to hear your experience with your Geek Squad Protection plan (GSP), as well as your previous contacts with our other support teams has only added to your already disappointing experience.


In regards to the GSP for the Nintendo Switch, is sounds like the service performed by our Geek Squad to repair the unit met the limitation of liability outlined in the terms of our GSP, which would have led to your GSP becoming fulfilled.  If you have any questions regarding this limitation of liability, you’ll find the terms and conditions of our GSPs here.


I see you’ve also sent a colleague of mine a private message with some additional information, and while they’re away, I’ll be replying to your message in a moment.  To read my message, you’ll need to log into your Support Forum account, and click on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Speak to you shortly,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Doesn't she have a certain time period to send it back for repair again if the first repair failed? Like 30 days or so, even if the extended warranty was fullfilled?
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Who authorized the repair to be started without an estimate of cost first? I would think they would have known the basic cost to repair before they half fixed it.  If the cost of repair was more than the product is worth she should have been given a choice to pay for the overage or get back the cost of the item plus tax(if applicable).  It's repair or replace or you can get a store credit that's what I am always told at the store and online.