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Third Party Fridge Repair Nightmare

Best Buy - never have I been so upset with a retail store before. Last Monday, July 16th, our 2.5 year old LG french door fridge, purchased from Best Buy in March of 2016, stopped working. A "no cool" situation, as Best Buy would classify it. Luckily, we purchased a protection plan on it. So my husband calls customer service, only to be informed that fridge repairs are no longer handled by Geek Squad appliance repair techs, and it's been outsourced to a third-party who won't be able to even diagnose our fridge until today, Monday, July 23rd. We were told we had to wait SEVEN days to even have our fridge diagnosed, not even repaired! How is that acceptable to make loyal customers wait a week for just a diagnosis? We've had appliances repaired by Geek Squad techs before, and guess what? They were out the next day or the day after, maximum. I personally know many people who work for Geek Squad as appliance repair techs, and they are quite capable of fixing a fridge. Why did you outsource?? So now, here we are on July 23rd, and the third-party shows up to diagnose our fridge. The compressor and valve need replaced. Great; so a fairly new fridge should have parts readily available, right? WRONG! The third-party tells us it will be a 3-day minimum to get the part in and that due to their busy schedules, they can't come back out until Friday, July 27th to actually repair the fridge. WHAT?! July 27th?? That is 12 days after our fridge stopped working and the call was made to Best Buy customer service. How is this even remotely acceptable in your eyes? Not only have we been without a fridge for what will be twelve days, we've had to eat out for the last 7 days and throw away all our food in our fridge and freezer. At this point, the "up to" $200 food spoilage allowance makes no difference to us. We easily threw away $400 worth of food, and spent another $200 eating out. Tack on another $100 for eating from today through Friday, and we're out $700. Ridiculous doesn't even come close to covering this situation. Why, why, why would a decision be made to hire a third-party to do fridge repairs if they are incapable of living up to the standards set by Best Buy as a whole? As well, what happened to the 5-day "no cool" rule where if a customer's fridge wasn't diagnosed or repaired in 5 days or less, that the customer would be able to exchange their broken fridge for a new one?
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Re: Third Party Fridge Repair Nightmare

Hello SMO1027,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for my delayed response. We’ve been unusually busy recently, and it is taking longer than we’d like to get back to everyone that reaches out to us for assistance.


I’ve had a fridge go out on me before, so I understand how frustrating this kind of situation can be. I’m sorry that it took so long to get someone out to your home to diagnose your fridge, and longer still to get a repair completed. Under the Terms & Conditions of our Geek Squad Protection Plans, we do not offer a 5-day repair guarantee for appliances, however.


I’d be happy to document your concerns in our corporate systems so that we can use your feedback to help provide better service in the future. If the repair hasn’t yet been completed, I’d also like to look in to this to see if I can assist at all.


What I’d need you to do is send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. Please include your name, email address, and phone number. If you have your Geek Squad Protection plan number, that would help as well.


Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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