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The new Geek Squad setup SUCKS

I had to buy a new laptop when my previous one's mother board died. I've had this new $2,200.00 laptop less than 2 months and it's been back into Best Buy TWICE for the same issue. (Geek Squad claims it's a Windows 10/11 updating issue.) 


What's even more infuriating is that I paid the extra fee to get the tech service at no charge and all I get for my money is 1) having to schedule an appt online before I can see a GS tech and - most infuriatingly - the first available appointment at my neighborhood BB store is AT LEAST TWO DAYS AWAY. So, 2 nights ago, I get a text saying "Your device is ready for pickup and your pickup appt is" THREE DAYS AWAY. Just to pick up a repaired laptop?


This is a joke of customer service and repair quality both. I've had almost more laptop downtime since I've owned this boat anchor than I've had ability to use it due to 1) the recurring malfiunction, but 2) because of this constant 2 and 3 day waiting.


I complained to the GS manager and he gave me the 1) "it's windows" causing your problems excuse, 2) we're shortstaffed excuse (due to both vacations and lack of personnel), but guess what? That ain't my problem!


I will never purchase the Geek Squad plan again and am thinking VERY seriously about never buying anything from BB ever again. This is ridiculous.

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Re: The new Geek Squad setup SUCKS

Hi Hatlad, 


Thanks for joining our community. Here you'll find helpful, friendly members and staff, that willing to answer all your question, provide you great information and helpful tools. 


I know replacing a computer at an inconvenient time is never ideal. Yes, the Geek Squad are here to help. If there an issue that we can resolve, then they will do it. Being that the issue lies with in Windows software, they are not able to fix a coding/software issue. Did they convey what step were taken to help resolve the issue. Being a windows issue have you try to reach out to Microsoft support about this matter?  


I know staffing is concern cross the board not just at Bes Buy and Geek Squad. It's a national issue that everyone facing. I even seen it my everyday life when I'm doing shopping. 


If you are needing further assistance please private message me, by click the blue button, bottom right corner. Provide the follow. 


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