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The Saga of Accountability

Let me begin this by saying that I would love to acknowledge the two wonderful people that helped me in my overall experiece and this has nothing to do with them. THe two Geek Squad Agents (young guy with glasses, and the lady with short curly hair)


I have been looking to switch to a Surface Pro that would work for by business. Finally, I had reached the point to where making the $600 jump made sense. I have been shopping with Best Buy since we purchased our first Extra Large Computer in 1997 when I was in the 3rd grade. My Dad taught me that when you invest in good products, then they become part of your long term goal, so we always shopped at Best Buy. When I want quality and help, I go to Best Buy. When I need Geek Squad... I go to Best Buy. A solid 21 years later, and a good 10-15 computers later in our family... we still go to Best Buy.


My husband and I decided that it was time to go start our search. We went to Best Buy, 2 different times, so that we could speak to different employees, and get good information. I had finally figured out which laptop would work the best for what I needed.


I purchased my laptop, and at the reccomendation of the employee, and went on our way ( June 3 maybe? 2018)-- loved it everything was fine. I had my laptop in my case, and well we had an accident. My husband was putting it by the coffee table to move a light, and well the new 4 & 6 month old rescue puppies came running through, and well the computer was wacked up against the coffee table. It got hit from the backside and broke the display screen from the inside.


I was heartbroken, because well.... it was less than 3 weeks old. My dream computer, is now injured. I did research online, and found out that the display screen could be fixed, and off to Best Buy I went. I was literally beside myself, because I had decided to not buy the insurance.... because I couldnt afford both the computer and the 1 year insurance. But, that is on me...and so now I had to come to terms with my decision.


I had a wonderful empoyee help me at Geek Squad. First I asked...All I want to know, it worth it to fix it, or should I just buy a new one???  He informed me that even if I had bought insurance that they wouldn't have covered this because it was past "normal wear and tear"--- but he assured me that we could fix it. He pulled out a paper and went over my options because my computer was $599 when I got it... that it woulld be at most $200 to fix it. I went over this a few times, and asked him if he was sure, and he was literally the nicest person to deal with. He had a bit of issues adding in the computer...and was helped by a senior member of the Geek Squad. He went over what .... "sending it off for repair" ment. That I would have a non-refundable $85 fee, to have them fix it... and that it would be $85-$125 to fix it. He said, they would get it in a few days, and I could expect the computer to be done by July 12th.


I was literally so relieved. I knew that this was the best possible outcome, for a bad accident.


Fast forward 2 days, while at work I get a call saying that they have assessed my computer and it will be an additional $454 to fix my computer. So obvisouly confused, I called the number back... and went in a circle, until I figured out that you can't talk to anyone at the repair facility. So I called the store back at the Rivergate location in Nashville, TN. I was on my lunch break at work, and finally had gotten transferred to a person. I explained that I wanted more information as to why the work was more than double what I was quoted, and again that the Geek Squad Agent assured me that it would be no more than $200 to fix it.... He argued with me, saying that they would never give out such a low quote, and that there is no way that they were going to stand behind the origional quote. I told him that it just didnt make sense for me to pay that much to fix it....which is why I went into Geek Squad in the first place for the quote.


The jerk on the phone told me that I must not be able to understand what a quote means. I told him that I am well aware of what a quote means, and that the employee had used the pay scale paper based on how much my computer costs, and looked up the parts and such. The Best Buy employee then, basically accused me a of lying. He said that there is no such paper, and that they never use papers, and that employees dont have papers. By this time I am frustrated, because I am just trying to figure out why there is such a difference. He said that he can't help me, so I asked if I could maybe speak to a manager, because I would like to explain the situation... because if it were my business, I would want to know if my employees are being taught incorrectly. He said that there no managers at the store, and that he cannot help me anymore. He said, that he would have a manager call me and then he hung up.


Now I wasted my entire lunch break, and I waited for a manager. I waited 7 hours for a manager to call me back. They never did. I wanted them to know that I understand mistakes, and I understand people not being trained... but that I do not allow people to speak to me, like I am ignorant, and no worth the time to speak to. I do not allow people to accuse me of lying, and then to lie to my face. I wanted to tell this manager that I would never allow my employees to treat a customer like that. I wanted the management to know that maybe the Geek Squad Guy (who was literally an amazing employee) maybe just needed more information. But you know what.... I waited. I did what a nice person does. I called back the store, because I wanted more informaton, and I was spoken to like a piece of trash. I was argued with, accused of lying, and lied to.


So I checked my email, and the guy on the phone has closed out my case with the repairs and just had my computer sent back..... I wanted more information, not the jerk to make the decision for me. So I went to the store. I made the choice to first ask the Geek Squad to see if this could be fixed. I explained what happened to the girl at the counter...and was immediatly told that she had no way of knowing who that person was on the phone. That sometimes the phones could be looped to corporate answering services.


I am sorry to the girl that helped me because I lost my nerve and just started crying. I am sorry to her that I was literally so mad that I excused myself to the parking lot to cry in anger for 10 minutes. She was the nicest person, and was helpful.... but at that point, I just wanted to know as to why Best Buy is allowed to not be accountable for anything?


When I give a quote I stand by it. If I messed it up, that is on me. I don't try to bully customers into decisions, and I certainly don't talk to them like they are trash. I wanted that man to be accountable for his actions. I wanted him to know that it isn't okay to treat customers like they are beneath you. You can't just lie to them, and say ... "well I will have a manager call you" and then close out my case. I am a customer, but more importantly I am a person, not a rotten banana peel destined for a landfill.


I want Best Buy to know that it isn't okay to quote people $200 and then expect them to pay $450. That isn't okay. It isn't okay to have no one accountable and to fix the problem. If you did it, then own it, and make it right....


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Re: The Saga of Accountability

Greetings, tonyakiker!


Welcome to the Best Buy Community Forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience trying to get your laptop repaired. Having the Geek Squad look into your concerns is supposed to make these types of situations simple, and we always expect our employees, from top to bottom, to conduct themselves as professional as possible in every situation. I would just as upset if this happened to me.


I’d like to look into this further and get this documented for you. First, I am going to need you to send me a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post with some order details. Send me your full name, phone number, and e-mail connected to your account.


I look forward to hearing back from you so I can continue assisting you. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Kind regards,

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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