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The 6 Key LED on My Laptop Doesn't Work Correctly

I bought a 3 year warranty with Geek Squad for my MSI GS65 Latptop, spending about $2,000 all together and after almost a year it's been working perfectly. Then I started to noticed that I had screen burn in and that my "6" key wasn't coloring correctly so I drove all the way to Best Buy and they took my laptop, they told me they didn't need the charger so I didn't give it to them. After a whole month I finally got my laptop back but it was completely dead and then the guy said I should of gave them the charger so they could test it out. Then he said the screen was fixed but the "6" Key color was just an OS issue and that I basically have to figure it out on my own. He told me to come back if I didn't find a solution. When I got home, I charged my laptop and saw that the screen was fixed but not the "6" key. I spent hours looking on forums and videos about it but got no solution. So I decided to drive back to Best Buy for help on the OS issue. It was a different guy this time. He couldn't find a solution and the guy wasn't paying attention to the Geek Squad report I kept trying to show him. He literally suggested to send it out again but that I would probably not it resolved, so I said no thanks. The guy told me I should try factory resetting my whole computer, then I told him let's do it now then, he told me he can but that he would have to charge me, I immediately declined and thought that was ridiculous. He then said go try resetting it but if it doesn't work after resetting then I should come back and if it STILL doesn't work he said maybe we can try getting the whole computer replaced. When I got home I spent hours trying to reset my computer to factory settings, giving it a clean wipe. But that didn't fix the "6" key. At this point i'm frustrated. So I drove back once again to Best Buy but this time it was the same guy from the first visit, he immediately recognized me and said sorry we already sent this out and we can't do anything about it. I told him everything I went through and how much money I put into this computer and warranty and he literally responded with we can send it out again but they probably won't fix it. I asked if they could just replace the whole computer like the last guy suggested and he just laughed and said no we don't do that for one key. So now i'm sitting here with a computer that has nothing on it and feeling like I could've saved multiple trips driving there only to be turned away and be given false hope. I'm scared the problem with this key will eventually effect the other keys and there's nothing I can do about it.

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Re: The 6 Key LED on My Laptop Doesn't Work Correctly

I am posting here to see the result. This isn't how things typically go.

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Re: The 6 Key LED on My Laptop Doesn't Work Correctly

I would take it back, ask to speak to a manager if that's what it takes to send it back out. Plead your case that it's a hardware failure of the keyboard not a cosmetic issue. It definitely needs a new keyboard.
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Re: The 6 Key LED on My Laptop Doesn't Work Correctly

Hello, ShyBolt,


Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and welcome to our online community.


We expect our Agents to do their best to meet our Clients' definitions of fixed the first time they bring their unruly tech in. I apologize for all of the confusion around your keyboard issue, and for any inconvenience caused by making return trips to the store. I connected with some of our partners who work with MSI, and it does sound like this issue should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, especially since a restore and update of the drivers did not resolve the issue. I would recommend bringing the computer back to the store to have it sent back out under the manufacturer's warranty. Alternatively, you can connect with MSI directly and work with them to have the keyboard repaired under your warranty. 


If you would like to bring the computer back to the store, I can send an email on your behalf to let them know what is going on, and to share the communications I have with our MSI experts. If this is something that you would be interested in, please send me a Private Message with your full name, email address, and phone number, as they appear on your previous service order. You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature. You can reserve a time to bring your computer in by visiting our website.





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Re: The 6 Key LED on My Laptop Doesn't Work Correctly

Update: Okay so I’ve been talking to some people and actually I contacted MSI directly. I was luckily still under THEIR warranty. So they had me send it out. Turns out it was NOT an “OS issue”, the backlight in the keyboard was not working properly so they swapped the backlight out. It only took them a week to resolve the issue and now I am so happy my problem is solved. Now I have to re-download everything on my computer and have it BACK to the way I had it.