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Terrible service - appliance repair

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On the evening of January 19th, I came home to discover my LG refrigerator was leaking water from the front of the door.  I immediately open the doors and realize my food was defrosting.  The next morning, I immediately contacted Best Buy Geek Squad to request service for the appliance.  Representative Gary {removed per forum guidelines} scheduled the repair and shortly after I received an email of the date and time.  The date was 2/2 in the hours 8am-5pm.  I immediately called JC Services @ {removed per forum guidelines} to see if I can get a sooner appointment.  No answer, voicemail, left message for a return call.  On 1/21 I called geek squad back to inform them that I was trying to contact the provider and if she can offer any assistance. The female representative tried to call the provider and was unsuccessful.  She stated she will call me back with some information, "Give me a couple of hours and I will call you back with something”.  The day came and went, and I did not hear from her again.  On 1/22 I am back on the phone with geek squad trying to get a sooner date and a better window of time. I explained I have been trying to reach the provider.  The representative was able to get me a sooner appointment for 1/27, in the window of 12-5pm at least that is what he told me until I received an email that I would have to be home all day to wait for JC Services. I specifically asked the representative to please set the appointment in a window of 4 hours as oppose to have to wait all day for service.  The representative stated that is what he did and that was a lie according to the email received for the new appointment dictated that.   I was under in impression the rep was in contact with the provider.  


Okay I guess I must settle for the date and time, no sweat. The appointment date (1/27) arrives and now it is 3pm and I have not heard from the service provider. I immediately contacted geek squad again and I was given a number for the driver (that was what the female rep stated the number was {removed per forum guidelines}.  I give them a call and it was warranty authorized services.  Spoke with a rep and tells her the story that JC services never showed or called, and she sets an appointment up with LG for (2/9 for the afternoon).  She stated since it was the cooling system, I should have gotten an appointment with LG right away. She also enlightened me that I have a 5yr warranty with LG for cooling malfunctions and JC services does not repair LG appliances, etc. 


On 1/27 I spoke with 10 representatives, LaTanya, (Brittany with attitude stated I have nothing to do with your reimbursement as I was just trying to explain my case), Alan, Lisa, etc. I asked questions, just wanted to know why no one knows how to get things done with customer repairs.  I needed some answers on why Best Buy is letting a computer system set up appointments for customer without f/u.  1). I was transferred so many times and no one really assisted me. Some were speechless and made comments like this happens more than often.  2) why can you not speak with corporate; are you too busy to care what happens to your customers, do you not care enough because it is not happening to you or are you just simply using the pandemic as an excuse for your  disregard and your deceptive practices of your appointment scheduling.3 As a major retailer of appliances you have the responsibility to ensure your employees are trained properly and are consistent with information they communicate to the customer. I have been reading the blogs and I have read JC Services has an awfully bad repetition and you continue to have them in your database as a provider.  4). the expense this has cost my family during this time without refrigeration and the warranty will only reimbursement me $200 for spoilage.  5). I became so frustrated that I was in tears, constantly explaining to the reps the situation and getting transferred around from warranty services, geek squad to appliances. What a night!!!


 2/9  will a month without a refrigerator and this unacceptable.  There is no excuse for your staff that appears to be uneducated and uninformed of what to do when a customer needs service.  Let alone you are relying of a computer to do it for you.  I am extremely disappointed with the services that was displayed and the lack of attention to the matter. You need to be hold accountable.