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Terrible geek Squad Experience-[Mess up my Computer-big time]

on Thursday, Dec 24th, 2020, I went on an online chat with the geek squad agent to check my system because the computer seems slow to respond. he got my permission, and he went in and subsequently informed me that he fixed it the system will be working fine. by the time I restart and turn on the computer, the problem had escalated to a frightening level I cannot log back on to my computer with my password. 12/26/2020, I called back on the 1-800 line for help, I was advised to immediately take it to your site office @timonium, Townson. @ Townson, I spoke with a white gentleman and another called Micheal. the gentleman took in my HP computer and later came out to say after his diagnosis he fails to see any major problem with it, he was able to log into the system without a problem. the only thing is that I have my new keyboard dick inserted in one of the ports this was creating issues but when he pulled it out everything works fine. then I asked if he tried going on google or any website because from what I observed after the online agent work on it if you click on any website it will generate multiple unrequested websites. so he went back in to check, to return and said ok, I will check in your computer for further diagnosis but it seems to be working fine. I agreed. Today 12/27/2020. I received a call from the Townson office, spoke with your technician named MALIK. Mr. Malik told me he worked on the same computer he found out that he could not access the computer, as a result, he believed the computer is OBSOLETE, the motherboard is responsible for the issue .so he advised me to replace the computer with a new his opinion that computer is 7years old so I should just dispose of it He gave me no other reason than he could not access it to perform any operation. this is because the computer is old and should be disposed of. All my years as a customer of geek squad, nobody had ever been that cold and dismissive. no volunteer to help anyway. He scares me of future transactions and makes me regret renewing my membership. The technicians in Whitemarsh are better with their customer service. I have refused to pick up this computer and request for another person to investigate it so, if you are in my shoe would you recommend best buy geek squad t someone else?
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Re: Terrible geek Squad Experience-[Mess up my Computer-big time]

Without seeing the computer no one can really advise you. If the motherboard is bad, it's probably not worth replacing on a 7 year old computer. If the hard drive is bad, it's still probably a 200$ repair, again probably not worth it.
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Re: Terrible geek Squad Experience-[Mess up my Computer-big time]

Hello, ojdjuice777, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum from support. As someone who uses their computer every day, I know how necessary it is to have a functioning device. I can understand wanting to get this repaired, and I hate to hear about the experience you had with diagnosing the issue and getting assistance. It's important to us that you receive the best service possible. I'd like the chance to provide any assistance that I can now.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number so I can review the situation further. In addition, please share if you've picked up your computer or have had any continued communication with the store since your post. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


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