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Terrible WARRANTY Policy!!


I bought an HP Envy laptop from Best Buy last November. 3 days back, last Wednesday it suddenly got shut down and wasn't starting. There was even no blink on the charging point when I plugged-in the charger cable! 


The very next day the laptop was surprisingly up, but it was malfunctioning and became too slow. I brought it back to the Best Buy store (Manchester, CT) from where I bought it. They kept it for checking the problem. After 2 days, today they called me and telling the problem isn't with the hardware. So, they can't send it to the manufacturer. The problem might be with the software related issues. They told I have to pay either $100 for one time servicing or $200 for servicing with 1 year warranty!! According to them my warranty doesn't cover this fixing! The option is I have to bring it from them and fix it by myself !  


It's been only 7 months I bought this laptop. I was pretty convinced and relaxed while buying the laptop thinking that I don't need to worry if any problem arises with the laptop within a year at least! I later bought two more devices from Best Buy. But now totally dissapointed with Best Buy's warranty policy. In future, I will think twice while ordering anything from Best Buy.I am also gutted with the quality of the product Best Buy is selling!!

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Re: Terrible WARRANTY Policy!!

Hello AsadTanvir and welcome to the Best Buy forums

Having issues with laptops is never fun and within the first 7 months I can understand the frustration. the one year manufacturer warranty unfortunately only covers the hardware side of the laptop. HP does allow Geek Squad to send out your device under warranty but one HUGE thing is it must fail their built in diagnostic test built into the device. If your laptop does not fail the testing then Geek Squad / Best Buy would be unable to assist under the manufacturer warranty for Hardware only.

This issue sounds alot like automatic update, most of the time people allow the computer to not be shut down but with windows 10 updates are automatic. Problem with this is if a computer is left on after an update and powers off or loses power without performing the rest of windows updates you might notice a black screen and the computer unwilling to power up, requiring a power flush. When this happens it is possible for the computer to run slower then normal and require a software resolution.

Best Buy can offer a resolution but unfortunately that would come at a cost of $100 for a operating system to be reinstalled or 199.99 for a membership for one year software coverage. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out.
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Re: Terrible WARRANTY Policy!!

poprex911 has some great information.  One thing that I will add is manufacturer warranties on laptops focus entirely on hardware failures, anything regarding software or data are not covered.  There are a number of reasons why that is, but some of the main ones are that software installed on top of an operating system can sometimes have unexpected consequences, updates can fail causing an OS to corrupt, and personal data can be wiped.  This is well known by manufacturers of the hardware, as well as the software developers.  


Unlike a lot of retailers, Best Buy has the power of the Geek Squad available in all big box locations.  They have the ability to reload software, operating systems, etc.  As you are already aware, it is a paid service.  This is industry standard and is not indicative of Best Buy's warranty policy.  Anything covered by the manufacturer can be done under that warranty, anything not covered is unfortunately not free.

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Re: Terrible WARRANTY Policy!!

@poprex911, what do you think can be the probable solution right now? I don't want to spent $100 more within this very little time. The screen takes ages! to appear when I push on the laptop. Can't I do some troubleshoot by myself to resolve this issue?
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Re: Terrible WARRANTY Policy!!

Hi AsadTanvir,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. And a big thank you to poprex911 and jdogg836 for hopping in with some great information.


Like they said, HP’s manufacturer’s warranty will only cover hardware issues, and not the software that’s on top of it. Based on what you said, it sounds like this may is a software issue, and as such something that would not be covered.


I understand that $100 or $200 is a lot of money to pay to get such a new computer fixed. At that $200 price point, however, you’d be getting much more than a one-time repair. That $200 would get you Best Buy Total Tech Support, for a full year. That would cover not only your computer, but all of your technology. For example, have you ever considered upgrading the speakers or radio in your car? With Total Tech Support, the labor on that install would be covered. It’s for sure something worth considering, because the coverage is so wide-ranging.


If that doesn’t work for you, I’d be happy to double check into your service order to make sure that everything looks like a software issue. What I’d need you to do I send me a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post. Please send along your service order number and the email address and phone number associated with it.



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