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Terrible Service on Geek Squad Store #354

I bought the Samsung note 9 about 2 months ago with BB and bought the monthly protection play. This is where it all started to go downhill. My phone screen got cracked. I stopped in to BB store #354 Fry Rd. , Houston TX and paid $60 on 11/19 to get the screen replace. Jorge F. ( GS associate) rung me up and said they would be calling me on the appointment. I waited a week later and needed to pickup something from BB anyways. jorge F. was there and said it has not arrived and that they would call me. Well, i waited after black Fiday and Cyber monday and decided to call them on 11/28 GS customer service. Customer service said that the store attempted to call me ( I never got the call) and that my screen was in. The GS customer service setup the time for my repair for this past Monday @4 pm. Perfect. Rearranged my schedule and i showed up at 4. Look who is here, Jorge F. Jorge said that i don't have an appointment, but went ahead and looked it up to prove me wrong. he also stated the representative from the store tried to call me. Well,  It showed my appointment at 4 on Monday. Jorge said that the 4 pm was taken but the 5 is available. I asked to speak to his manager. After a few minutes Mike Whitt showed up. Told me that the screen was here but they did not have the adhesive for the screen. Regardless i can not get my phone fix until they order the adhesive in. This BB store is 25 miles from my house. He assured me that he would get it ordered and would personally call me.So all of the lies, them contacting me to setup the appointment, GS assuring it would take 10 days would make me beleive Mike. I agree to follow this option but said i am calling GS customer service. After i left the store, i called customer service and they were on the phone with me for 1 1/2 hour. The Managaer of the call center wanted to confirm my situation and would put a 3 way conversation with myself and Mike. After the CS manager got back to me he said Mike hung up the phone on him.... Please tell me what i should do know. I ask The CS manager for the district manager contact or regional manager. They have no way to give me that information.