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Terrible Samsung Flexwash and Dissapointing BB and GS Warranty Coverage

We have had this machine (Samsung FlexWash 5.5) since November 2017. We have had Samsung out (during the factory warranty) three times. For the following reasons:
- programming of the top washer is wrong from the factory causing the unit to spin too fast. Causing leaks throughout the washer.
- torn hose in the inside of the washer causing leaks from the washer
- top unit not functioning so a board needed to be replaced
All of this was still occurring and going wrong while we are cleaning the filters and draining the machine manually per the Samsung tech representative recommendations on a regular basis. We have had other good washers in the past. Maytag and Electrolux. None of them over 15 years of use have needed this much attention. If there is a blessing in this it is that our units are on the ground floor of our home which has a crawlspace underneath and not a basement or another finished floor. When the machine regularly leaks, water can go down our drain and not damage a lower floor. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE (if it can be called that)! We were roped in by good marketing and a salesperson at Best Buy that assured us that if this was a lemon they would take it back. We had shared the negative reviews with them before our purchase and they said those issues had been resolved. Not the case at all. On top of it Best Buy's 5 year Geek Squad "if it's broke we will replace it" warranty is garbage. Our fourth service call was just completed (by GS) they replaced two boards, took apart the whole machine and still could not get it to turn on. We are not readying for our fifth service call as we wait for more parts to come in so that hopefully (GS guy crossing his fingers) the machine will turn back on and maybe last two months. Best Buy/Geek Squad and Samsung do not care about their customers or their reputation. If we could we would dump them all. Please, if you, a family member are considering this appliance, STOP. There are better options out there for a much lower cost. If I get this thing running again I'll update this post. But for now imagine this as a negative five star review. But until Best Buy changes their scale, one star will have to do. DON'T BUY THIS MACHINE!!!
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Re: Terrible Samsung Flexwash and Dissapointing BB and GS Warranty Coverage

Hi there, wilsoma5!


Welcome to our Best Buy Forum community! While I wish you had joined under better circumstances, I'm glad you took the time share this experience with us.


We know that you put a lot of thought in to selecting the perfect washer for your home, so we appreciate that you decided to make this purchase with us. That said, this is far from the stress-free experience we had intended for you.


As someone who has gone without a working washer, I know firsthand how difficult it is to watch your laundry pile up and have to plan a special trip to a friend or family member's home to borrow their washer and dryer. We know that situation is far from ideal, which is why our Geek Squad Protection Plan is meant to make your life easier in case a situation like this occurs. While it's hard to hear, I appreciate you letting us know that has not been your experience with the Geek Squad Protection Plan.


Using the blue "Private Message" feature in my signature please send over the following:


  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email

I look forward to hearing from you with those details so we can look in to possible options to turn this around.





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