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Tech didn't come out TWICE and lied

My appointment was for Friday February 19, 2021 to convert my dryer from propane to natural gas. I waited all day from 12PM-8PM for a tech to come out. Nothing. I was on the phone at 8:30PM only to be told my tech never came out and I received no communication about it either. It wasn't until I made the call to BEST BUY that I got information my appointment was rescheduled. So I wasted a vacation day and was provided no communication. OK fast forward to today, Tuesday February 23, 2021. This is my new rescheduled date. This time the tech says he'll be at my house in 20 minutes. 40 minutes go by, nothing. I call and I am told that the tech supposedly showed up to my house and even spoke to me and said I didn't have the necessary items to convert my dryer! 1. NO ONE CAME HERE 2. NO ONE CAME HERE let alone talk to me! 3. I have the kit since Best Buy originally came out end of January to convert it to begin with! I've had it since January.


I'm truly livid, disappointed, and I got called a liar by customer service when I called. Seriously?