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TV repair

So I bought a Tv on Black Friday of 2018 the tv just 20 days later started having some issues so I took it back thinking they would replace it. Turns out that they have only a 15 day return policy so they would t return it but sent me to geek squad. I found out later that under the holiday return policy they should of replaced it. Geek squad sent my tv out and 14 days later it came back had it for maybe 15-20 days and the tv started to act up again doing the same thing. They keep telling me that there is nothing they can do the tv is fine but it’s not. Half the time u can’t shut the thing off or even turn it on and sometimes it makes a loud noise and shuts off. I took it back to geek squad they guy tells me it the the way I plug it in but I plug it in to the wall and he wouldn’t send it back. Told me to take it home. 3 days later I take it back a different guy send it out and tell me that they will junk it and replace. Like normal I was lied too in that place. Best Buy employees are good at telling you just what you wanna hear. So in about 15 days my tv comes back tells me nothing is wrong. But I’m having the same problems. How hard is it for you guys to replace a tv that is broke since I bought the tv in November I have probably only been able to use the tv for maybe 20 days and it is March now. Geek squad and Best Buy has the worst policy’s Walmart at least helps there customers and replace faulty products.
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Re: TV repair

Hello, zjc213,


Welcome to the community. A new television is an exciting purchase, and hearing you’ve had some issues with the one you purchased recently is not the news we would hope for. I’m glad to know the Geek Squad has been servicing the device, and if you are noticing the same issue again, please bring it back to the store as soon as possible. If we can help by following up with the store where you’ve already taken it to for service, we can certainly assist in that way. At your convenience, please send us a private message. We would need to verify your full name, email address, and telephone number. If you have any service order numbers available, please include them as well.


Thank you,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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