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TV repair

I bought a 65 inch samsung tv a little over a year ago from the best buy in Culver City CA. I hadnt turned my tv on in over a month and decided to turn it on tonight. When I turned the LCD screen on there are black lines going through it as if there is some type of crack. There are no visible cracks on the outside of the screen and I do not know what is going on. I wanted to see if you could assist me with seeing what my warranty options are on this particualr item because I am very frustrated.

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Re: TV repair

If the lines are perfectly straight horizontal or vertical then you have an electrical issue (main board, panel, T-CONN). If the lines are jagged (like a crack) then you have cracked your screen which is not covered under any warranty. You mentioned that you bought the TV a little over a year ago and since most TV factory waranties are one year then you are out of luck there. If you have GSP (Geek Squad Protection) it should be covered unless it is indeed a cracked screen.


If you are out of warranty and want the TV repaired Best Buy can come to your home if the screen is 46" or larger and give you an estimate of repair for a $99.99 non-refundable diagnostic fee.

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Re: TV repair

Good afternoon, tim_s_rich,


I’m so sorry to hear about the black lines on your TV! I’m sure that was the last thing you were expecting to find when turning on your television, and as it sounds like we might be outside of its manufacturer warranty, it’s understandable why you’d be wondering what your options are.


As Dimestore55 mentioned, most TVs can be repaired by us at no cost if under a manufacturer warranty or coverage is available under a Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plan. Upon review of your purchase, it appears that your purchase is regrettably outside its manufacturer warranty and a GSP wasn’t attached to it. That said, we may have in-home repair options available to you (diagnostic services typically start around $99.99). You may view your service options by clicking on the link provided here or discuss them by calling us at 1-800-GeekSquad.


With that said, if you would rather not go through our service options, you can certainly outright replace the TV considering our upcoming Black Friday sale. I only say this because based on the screen issue you’ve described, this may honestly be the most cost-effective option. If you have any questions about this though or would like assistance finding a comparable TV, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help however possible.



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Re: TV repair