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TV repair issues

My boyfriend and I purchased a tv on Sept 1, while in the process of moving around furniture our table leg had hit the screen of our tv and damaged it. We contacted Best Buy chat initially to see what to do, he said to take a picture of it or go to our local store because sometimes they can do repairs in the store or we could call geek squad. So we took a picture and loaded up the car with the TV. When we went into the store we were informed that the insurance we purchased does not cover accidental damages, which is not what we were originally told when we bought the tv. We were told we would need to contact geek squad to set up an appointment for an at home repair which would be an out of pocket expense for the repair and the visit. He also told me we were covered by an 88 day warranty, but that did not cover the damage. We left the store because we had somewhere else to be and we wanted to see if we could look to see if we had the paperwork stating we had full coverage. So I attempted to contact corporate customer service because we paid $250 for 5 years for an extended manufacturers warranty just did not seem right to me. I talked to someone for 3 minutes. And she goes sorry wrong department I’ll transfer you. Was informed the wait was an average of 13 minutes. Was waiting for 35-45 minutes before I hung up because I was even more upset. Once I was settled at my destination I chatted on Best Buy with an agent. He informed there was nothing he could do I had to contact geek squad. We were purposely recommended to Best Buy for their great service and insurance coverage. And now after 3 months I’m out $1000 with a run around of sorry I can’t help you call this person and lots of on hold with no answers. I will no longer be making anymore purchases at this company once I get this issue squared anyway, If anyone has any input it’s greatly appreciated thank you.
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Re: TV repair issues

As far as I know the extended warranty on TV's covers manufacture defects, power surges, and hardware failures. It doesn't cover physical damage to the screen. Its possible your hone/renters insurance might thou
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Re: TV repair issues

Nckhammond is spot on, coverage for televisions does not include accidental damage as they are designed to essentially be stationary. There are a number of items we sell that do have this coverage, and the plans all say either Accidental Damage from Handling or ADH on them.

A cracked screen is essentially the tv equivalent of a “totaled” car. You can get a prorated refund on the Geek Squad Protection and there maybe someone local that buys broken TVs for parts, but there isn’t really an financially feasible way to repair the cracked tv.
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