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TCL 55R615 TV died in first 6months - COMPLAINT

I purchased the tv in July from my local Best Buy. They told me the $69.99 2yr coverage plan would be a good idea, that way if anything goes wrong they’d have me covered.

Dec 1st the TV shut off. No storm, no power surge, no reason. The power button light blinks constantly, that’s it.
I called TCL tech support and went through troubleshooting for well over 2 hours. They then determined they would need to send a tech out. I was quoted 7-10 business days. I asked the rep if a repair has ever been a documented fix for he issue and he said it would most likely be replaced. He then said that the tech would visit, send the info up and the replacement would be shipped within 2-3 business days, with another 7-10 business day shipping. We’re talking over 2 weeks to get a working Tv back.

I called Best Buy. I explained the situation and asked about my 2yr coverage. I would be willing to pack it up (I still have the box) and bring it in to exchange. Best Buy told me that they can’t do anything within the first year as TCL has their own process.

First complaint - why would I be charged $70 and be told I’m covered for 2 years when they will refuse to help within the first year. This should at least mean half price coverage, and should be collines while buying the TV.

Second compliant - I’m now stuck calling TCL back and waiting over 2 weeks for a working TV because Best Buy shrugs all responsibility for the product they sold and setting improper expectations.

WARNING - if you’re considering going with the TCL 55” Roku UHD 4K tv DO NOT DO IT. Samsung has much better reliability and service. DO NOT BELIEVE THE SALES PEOPLE AT BEST BUY - Get everything in writing.
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Re: TCL 55R615 TV died in first 6months - COMPLAINT

It's not best buys fault in this case, TCL brand literally won't let geek squad touch their products while they are under warranty.