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Sony XBR-55X700D Repair

I purchased a Sony 4k UHD TV from Best Buy here in Greenville SC back in 2016 and purchased the GSP along with it. I had a minor problem with it not responding and scheduled an appointment to have it looked at, but had to cancel it because I was out of town due ot my job (Military). Just yesterday when I woke up and turned on my TV after about 10 minutes it turned off. The LED light on it was orange, so I tried to turn it off via the remote. Nothing happened, so I unplugged it from the surgpe protector and I noticed the light blinked red. After plugging it back in, it powered on and the "Sony" logo appeared on the screen. After waiting for about 10 minutes thinking its resetting itself or whatever, nothing happened. I searched on the Sony website and it suggest I do a factory reset on it, I attempted that with no results. I then scheduled an appointment to have it looked at on 8 July 2018. Not sure what the process was when it came ot utilizing the GSP, I went to the local store to ask a few questions. I was somewhat satisfied with the answers I received by th GS associate. 
What bothered me is when he told me that, when the tech determines the problem; it would be a 1 to 2 day period to get parts for the repair. Then if the TV can't be repaired that I can bring the TV up to Best Buy and I will receive a credit to purchase a replacement TV. Here is the problem I see with that:


1. I drive a 2016 Ford Mustang, there is no way I'm gonna fit a 55inch TV in my car. So bringing to Best Buy is not an option for me.


2.  I'm no TV couch potato, but I been without a TV for 2 days now, gets kind of mondane watching videos on a laptop.


3. Having to wait 2 days if able to repair is fustrating, especially when I have to take time off work so that I can be here when they come.


Now after reading numurous reviews of people in similar circumstances I'm sort of skeptical about whats about to happen. I'm not too fond of receiving a store credit toward the purchase of a new TV, it would be alot easier if when seeking assistance from GS that they know whats going on before showing up. That way they can either have parts on hand and a replacement TV with them, makes no sense to drag out this circumstance for 5 days or more. I would rather them give me a replacement TV or one that is similar in performance and capabilities of mine and avoid this run around. My time is valuable and having to wait  for repairs when a simple exchange would be more feasible is not what I purchased the plan for.


I want to feel good about this situation, but honestly I do not.

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Re: Sony XBR-55X700D Repair


As far as the turn time on completion of the repairs (or authorizing an exchange as the case may be), on the services end of things, if the SKU is considered to be serviceable, the underwriter of your GSP requires that Best Buy make a reasonable attempt to repair it (or at least have a qualified technician determine that it is either unrepairable or not cost effective to repair).  

As for what you were told about having to haul this TV into the store if it is approved for an exchange, that's actually not completely correct.  With a TV of this size Best Buy would usually process the exchange via delivery, for the same reasons the service is taking place in the home: it's not feasible for many people to lug something of this size back and forth to a store. 

I hope this at least minimally helpful.  Hang tight and a moderator will be by to give an official response.  




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Re: Sony XBR-55X700D Repair

Greetings ZavvanDawkins-


Welcome to the Best Buy forums!  Having the means to haul away a 55” TV is definitely something we wouldn’t expect many of our customers to the ability to do.  Having working on cars for just under a decade, I can assure you the space in the Ford Mustang is limited at best.  Rest easy knowing that you should have other options available with your Geek Squad Protection. 


As our community member, @Danno651 mentioned, the underwriter of our protection plans determined the route for repair or replacement.  Although I realize the process doesn’t necessarily work out for you, I’m hoping you’re able to get a repair technician out to your home to get the parts needed to fix your TV. 


Please let us know if you’re still needing our assistance and I’d be more than willing to take a closer look into this for you.  Be sure to keep your personal and private information away from the public’s eye, and if you’re needing to share any of this information, please be sure to click the blue button labeled “Private Message”.  



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