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Shipping fee for Asus Warranty done through Best Buy

Purchased an Asus Rog Flow X13 laptop 5 weeks ago from Best Buy. A few days ago laptop would not turn on. Only keyboard lights would light up everthing else dead. When I plugged in the charger the keyboard lights stayed on and the bottome of the laptop got very hot but nothing worked so something major wrong. Very frustrating to have a little over a month laptop break.

Asus website said Bestbuy too handle warranty repair and to contact them. Take it to store yesterday, the Geek Squad employee says that it has to go offsite for warranty repair and there is a $84.95 fee to ship it to the off site repair center and it will take a month to fix. He says it is too late to exchange for a new one as it is past 14 days. I didn't do the repair at the time, told the worker I will look into contacting asus. I shouldn't have to pay $84.95 for shipping to have a little over one month old laptop repaired under Asus warranty for a catastrophic failure. I just paid a lot of money for the laptop 5 weeks ago that had some serious defect and now there is a very high shipping fee to get a basically new laptop fixed and if I do the repair have to wait another month for it to be working again. Is there any otherway I can get it fixed or replaced? 

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Re: Shipping fee for Asus Warranty done through Best Buy

Hey there, danthaman11.


Thank you for contacting us here on the Forums. Please know, as of March 20, the Best Buy Forums will be decommissioned. Our team will be available to provide support through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. In the future, you can also visit us at for assistance. We look forward to assisting you through these platforms!


That being said, I am happy to look into this for you. I can totally relate as something similar to this happened to me with my Dell laptop. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, phone number, as well as the customer service pin at the bottom of the receipt of purchase?



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