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Shipped Defective Refurb Phone, Now Can't Get Another One


I recently bought a brand new Samsung S10+ and a Geek Squad protection plan from your Citrus Heights, CA store. At the time of purchase, I was told that the deductible for any broken phone screen would be a maximum of $120 and that I would be handed a new phone from their inventory the same day that a claim was made. Over the weekend of September 28th-30th, my phone screen cracked and I needed to order a new phone. I went into the store and was told that it would be $200, and that I would need to wait 3 business days for the new phone. Despite being incredibly frustrated about having been lied to, I went ahead and ordered the new phone.

On October 2nd, the new phone arrived. I spent 4-5 hours transferring over all of my data, charging the phone, and setting it up. I also went ahead and applied my $60 screen protector, but then noticed that I only had WiFi connection and that I was not getting any actual cell service. I then proceeded to spend the next 10 hours driving between different Verizon stores and calling customer support. I reached the highest level of technical guidance available through both Best Buy AND Verizon, and was eventually told that I had been sent a defective unit.  I called into my local store who told me they will not be able to help me in any way and that I had to just “go without a phone” and call the 1-800-GEEK-SQUAD number and have a new phone shipped out to me later that week. That in itself is already a huge problem. I need my phone for work, and now I have to go without one for an additional week. I then proceeded to spend over SIX hours on the phone with various Geek Squad agents. Five of them hung up on me when I told them that I need an exception to be made because my phone is vital to my livelihood, and two separate supervisors told me that if I drive into the store and call back that they would tell the manager of the Citrus Heights store to compensate me with a brand new phone. Both of them knew that there would be absolutely no way for me to get back in touch with them, and this sort of deception is prevalent in your outsourced, low-quality Geek Squad phone support team.

Updated 10/8:

It has now been one week since I received a defective, unusable replacement phone from your company. I have called Geek Squad daily and have been told every single day that the system is down and that there is no way to even order me a working phone. I got in contact with the Citrus Heights, California store that sold me the phone and was treated incredibly poor by a shockingly incompetent Sales Manager named Austin. He was rude to both me and the Geek Squad manager who was on the phone with me, and kept repeatedly telling me that “I should know that they’re not going to do anything” and kept asking if he could “go back to work”, as if to imply that my issue is not his problem and thus does not constitute “work” for him. The store was unwilling to provide a new phone, a refund for the Geek Squad plan, or for the $200 service fee I paid that resulted in a useless brick of a replacement phone. The fact that your company has now left me waiting for over a week after sending me a broken phone, has refused to return calls, and has treated me with the utmost disrespect, should be appalling to you as it has been for me. I do not expect this sort of unprofessionalism or unwillingness to take accountability for your actions and the failures. I have been placed on hold multiple times for upwards of an hour and the large portion of these hold times were rewarded with a disconnected call. Your employees take no responsibility for their ineptitudes and go unpunished for hanging up or shifting blame to another department so often that I am almost positive that it is considered acceptable behavior at your company.

I have spent thousands of dollars at your stores and have been treated with nothing but disrespect and an unwillingness to remedy an issue that was created by poor quality control standards from your refurbisher. I am sickened by this company, have never been treated so poorly in my life, and will not be returning to any Best Buy establishments unless something is done about this horrific experience. As of now, I am going to be going over two weeks without a phone just to be sent another refurbished device that may very well not work either. This is not an acceptable way to treat a customer, and you should be ashamed of the behavior of your employees and of your management teams lack of decisive problem-solving during an unbelievably long period of system outage.

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Re: Shipped Defective Refurb Phone, Now Can't Get Another One

Hey, Tcinca,


I'm sorry to hear about this. Of course you can't be without a phone. It's 2019! I'm sorry this happened, and I'd like to dive deeper into this and see if I can help. Please send me a private message with your full name, email, and phone number by clicking the blue button in my signature below.




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Re: Shipped Defective Refurb Phone, Now Can't Get Another One

I don't see a link in your signature, or any signature on mobile view for that matter.