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Service call no show was rescheduled without notifying.

I have a service contract and after waiting all morning for the repair tech to show, I checked service status online and the appointment doesn't show up at all. I called and was told that my appointment was not today but the following week. My husband overheard me confirm the date on the phone, so I know that I didn't make a mistake. I called customer service again and that rep told me that my appointment is 2 weeks out. After sitting on hold, he came back and said that my appointment for today was canceled due to no technician availability, and rescheduled  but I was never emailed about this. But why does customer service see no date changes from the 27th to the 3rd and then 2 hrs later its shows on the 10th. He called the 3rd party vendor who refused to change the appointment. I demanded the name and number for the company and asked the rep if I could get a Best Buy gift card for my aggravation. He promised to find out and call back that evening but of course he didn't.   A&E insisted that there was never any other appointment and that the service I requested on the 22nd has always been scheduled for the 10th. I never got a confirmation text from them because, BB provided them my name , address and land line but not my cell or email. 

I have cancelled plans, inconveniencing myself and my family, spent hours on the phone to no avail and my 5 day wait for repair is now 3 weeks!  I still only have the word by phone on the supposed repair date, I doesn't show up online, and I don't have an email or text to confirm this new inappropriate date. 

can Best Buy work with the vendor to get the appointment forced to ASAP? 

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Re: Service call no show was rescheduled without notifying.


After 24 hrs, No response from an expert here.

Chat today with service rep claims that the appointment is scheduled, not for the 28th, 3rd or 10th but for the second. She promised a confirmation email and the chat window allowed a chat transcript request that was supposed to be emailed. Neither email showed up. The Best Buy service history still doesn't show an open appointment. 


Another call to A& E resulted in being told that the appointment has indeed been expedited and is now on the third.  But the appointment confirmation texts never show up. Their website doesn't show an appointment for me either. The representative referred me to Sears Home service website which shows the appointment, but I can't edit details to change my phone number from the land line to the cell phone when I try.  I have repeated asked reps to fix this so that I can receive text confirmations. 

I am thrilled that my appointment has been moved up, although I am still unhappy that it isn't sooner. A 10 day wait for service when I paid for a service contract is still ridiculous. I am enraged by my lack of confirmation emails or the ineptness at a simple change of phone number. The service company can't text a landline. 


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Re: Service call no show was rescheduled without notifying.

Hello, JulieD.


Welcome to our Forums.


I'm glad that you were able to get in contact to have your appointment expedited. I would also be frustrated too if I was in your situation. I would like to form a case file for your situation and In addition would like to take a deeper dive into your issue to find out more details around you situation. If you reach out to us via private message with your full name, telephone number and email, we can go into detail there. Please let us know as soon as possible, I would appreciate it.


Thank you, 

Riley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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