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Serious Issue with Geek Squad Appliance Plan - How to file formal complaint?

I've had myriad issues getting my refrigerator repaired, due mainly to AIG's complete lack of urgency.  I have now been without a refrigerator for over one month.  The repair will hopefully be completed within the next several days, thanks only to the contractor and myself making dozens of phone calls to LG and the number listed for Geek Squad Support.  I am out several hundred dollars in spoiled food.  Not to mention several hundred more of purchasing non-perishable food and eating out.


If it wasn't for the contracted repair company (A&A Appliance) working so hard to help me, there is no telling how much longer I would be forced to wait for the repair.  After finally being able to get the part ordered from LG, I decided to call the number listed for Best Buy's Geek Squad support to file a formal complaint (the number I called turns out to be a direct line to AIG). 


I immediately asked for my issue to be escalated after providing a brief overview of the situation. Several minutes later I was finally transferred to a supervisor (Sarah), who, besides blaming LG for all the problems, disconnected the line after I pressed her on the following topic: 


If LG is to blame for the entire incident, then please explain how AIG demanding a lower labor rate from the contractor for the first 10 days before approving the claim is LG's fault. 


The call, as I mentioned was then disconnected.  AIG did not attempt to call me back.  During the call, there was no attempt made to rectify the situation or to reimburse me for spoiled food.  Instead, Sarah's purpose seemed to be to blame LG for all problems.


The most ironic piece to the whole story is that I was told that any repairs would be completed by in-house Best Buy technicians, when I originally purchased the plan - the benefit of which was speedy repair/replacement. 


In short, how do I file a very serious and formal complaint?

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Re: Serious Issue with Geek Squad Appliance Plan - How to file formal complaint?

Hey, drewsouth,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for the post. It's never ideal when an appliance of yours needs repair. By the sounds of it, you experienced some added frustration. I'm sorry. 


Firstly, food can be quite expensive and I'm very sorry that you experiences spoilage. Do know, however, that one of the benefits of a Geek Squad Protection Plan is that you may be eligible for coverage for that. You can find the claim form here.


You've come to the right place to be heard. I'm here at our corporate office and will be happy to document this for you. So that I can access your account and log this into our system, would you be able to send me a private message with the following information?




-Phone number









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