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Samsung refrigerator

I recognize that you might not be the right person to address this issue, but since I've tried to contact my local Best Buy management team to no avail I am hoping that you will point me in a good direction to get some help. Of note, I attempted to call the local store today to simply obtain the managers email and I was unable to actually connect to a person.

My husband and I purchased a Samsung refrigerator and a (5) year warranty in September 2015. As a loyal Best Buy customers, we were trusting when assured that the warranty would cover all parts of the refrigerator for the full five years. And yet here we sit just over two years later with multiple layers of support telling us that an ice machine is not "part" of the refrigerator and that it is, indeed, an accessory and as such not covered by the warranty. In fact, the repairman, BBY representative, and the warranty company stated that not only was the ice machine not a part of the machine, but that there are known problems with this ice machine on this particular model and that we should expect the problem to get worse, not better. A known problem is of course of concern as we look at an expensive and necessary component of our household. The repairman indicated that he wasn't going to initiate any fixes because it would be a "waste of time" since it will just continue to fail. The Best Buy representative that we contacted takes no responsibility for following this problem because it now sits with the warranty company. The warranty company refers to Best Buy as responsible for explaining the warranty in full at the time of purchase specifically as it pertains to the question of whether the ice machine is part of the refrigerator. I assume that we can be intellectually honest with each other here by stating that an ice machine is, in fact, a component of the refrigerator and not simply an accessory. I didn't buy it separately and while I can disconnect it, and I cannot remove it entirely. I feel confident that there is evidence to support the ice machine being an integral piece of the refrigerator. When we purchased this refrigerator we spent hours in the store reviewing various brands and models. We shopped locally at other stores until we were satisfied that the sales person at BBY was pointing us in the right direction for our needs. Do you know what our primary focus was as we discussed with the BBY representative what was important to us? The ice maker. So when we sit here today hearing that the most important element of the product we bought is not covered by the warranty sold buy the very person with whom we discussed the ice makers importance, I have to wonder about the veracity of the employee, the training of the employee, and the management and supervision of that process. The refrigerator and warranty were sold to us by Best Buy after extensive discussion. I expect that Best Buy wants to provide us with quality follow through to what is becoming an problem of increasing concern.

I appreciate your response even if it is to simply refer me to someone more suited to address my concerns.
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Re: Samsung refrigerator

Hi there, Stengel, and welcome to the forum,


We’ve been steadily playing catch-up here ever since the start of the recent holiday season, so please forgive the lateness of this reply. As an ice fiend myself (I’ll just randomly chew on ice as a “snack”), it’s incredibly disheartening to hear your ice marker isn’t working as it should. While I know you can easily make ice or just simply buy it, it is rather convenient to have your fridge just make it for you. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing you.


Regrettably, it is true that our Geek Squad Protection plans for refrigerators do not cover ice makers, as they are not integral to the appliance properly functioning. In other words, they aren’t necessary in keeping your food cool. This is specifically laid out in the terms and conditions listed here. I apologize for any disappointment this may cause, particularly if this wasn’t brought to your attention at the time of purchase despite the ice marker being your main priority.


I realize this may not be the answer you were hoping for; however, please feel free to reach back out if you have any further questions regarding this matter. Although our answer will remain the same, I’ll be happy to address any additional concerns you may have.



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