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Samsung Refrigerator shelf and ice dispenser issues

I bought a samsung refrigerator in Feb, 2022 from bestbuy.
After many attempts, BestBuy delivered this unit which seemed less damaged compared to previous ones.
That is whole another story that I 'm refraining to write here.
At the time of delivery, two shelves did not align. The
delivery team did not want to do anything with it. I called
bestbuy support and they asked me to contact samsung.
I contacted samsung and they sent a technician. Samsung technician
did nothing. By this time, we were fedup with clearing the refrigerator
and re-arranging. We decided to live with problem. Now, we are having
issue with ice dispenser and reached out to samsung. Samsung technician replaced the ice dispener.
I asked him about the shelf alignment. This is my mistake here. Technician open the back panel
(we had to clear the refrigerator again) and found a hole. He took pictures and called samsung
about it. They asked him not to fix anything. He removed the new ice dispense that he insalled
and left. Samsung asked me contact BestBuy and said that warranty is not covered because of
physical damage. I contacted BestBuy and BestBuy asked me contact the manufacturer as this is a
physical damage. At this point, both BestBuy and Samsung are kicking me around like a ball.
I m really frustrated and this is stressing me out.


Any suggestions on how to go about this problem?


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Re: Samsung Refrigerator shelf and ice dispenser issues

Good Evening, rvbbcustomer.


Thank you for reaching out and for that candid retelling of your experience. I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a run around with trying to get your refrigerator fixed. I'd like to look deeper into this for you. Please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email, so that I can better assist you. Looking forward to speaking with you.


Kind regards,

Trey|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Samsung Refrigerator shelf and ice dispenser issues

Well, I gave all the information and still waiting on your response
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Re: Samsung Refrigerator shelf and ice dispenser issues

We had a Samsung 3 door. I had to de ice the ice maker monthly for years until we sold the house. I ended up buying a portable water jet sprayer, filled with hot water then sprayed until all the ice was melted off all components. Then dry with towel. The power sprayer was a life and time saver.