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Samsung Refrigerator 3-year Standard Protection Plan

Repair Technician was out on 1/2/19 to diagnosis the reason why Frig wasn’t working. He said the frig needs a new mother board, two new fans and a hose to be replaced and he needed to cost out the parts and labor and they would decide if they would repair or replace. We still haven’t heard, 48 hours later if there will be a repair or replacement . This is the third time the Geek Squad has been called to fix this Frig (6/17,10/18 and 1/19.) We’ve also had 2 1/2 lost work days because of waiting for the technician and repair three times so far. The technician said he would call two days ago with a plan and he did not. He only works Monday through Wednesday. We qualify for a replacement and that’s what we would like. The Technician’s Boss has been notified by email twice and phone once (or so I’ve been told) and we have not heard anything from him. I have talked to 14 people on the phone at Best Buy Geek Squad in the past three days and NO ONE has been able to help us satisfactorily. I’ve been hung up on twice, transferred back into the endless loop more times than I can count, given various and differing statements on how to access our Protection Plan and the procedure. I’m trying to follow this procedure yet the target is changed with each staff member I talk to. I regret buying this Refrigerator from you and buying the 3-Year Protection Plan. 


Please tell me how to file a complaint with Best Buy.