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Samsung Refrigerator 3-year Standard Protection Plan

Repair Technician was out on 1/2/19 to diagnosis the reason why Frig wasn’t working. He said the frig needs a new mother board, two new fans and a hose to be replaced and he needed to cost out the parts and labor and they would decide if they would repair or replace. We still haven’t heard, 48 hours later if there will be a repair or replacement . This is the third time the Geek Squad has been called to fix this Frig (6/17,10/18 and 1/19.) We’ve also had 2 1/2 lost work days because of waiting for the technician and repair three times so far. The technician said he would call two days ago with a plan and he did not. He only works Monday through Wednesday. We qualify for a replacement and that’s what we would like. The Technician’s Boss has been notified by email twice and phone once (or so I’ve been told) and we have not heard anything from him. I have talked to 14 people on the phone at Best Buy Geek Squad in the past three days and NO ONE has been able to help us satisfactorily. I’ve been hung up on twice, transferred back into the endless loop more times than I can count, given various and differing statements on how to access our Protection Plan and the procedure. I’m trying to follow this procedure yet the target is changed with each staff member I talk to. I regret buying this Refrigerator from you and buying the 3-Year Protection Plan. 


Please tell me how to file a complaint with Best Buy. 

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Screen protector installation warranty?


At the beginning of November I purchased a Zagg screen protector for my father for his Apple watch and had it installed by Geek Squad.  When it was installed it did not seem to be adhered to the edges as well as I expected, but I assumed this was normal as it looked like that from the second the watch was handed back to me by the Geek Squad employee.  My father looked down over the weekend and noticed that the screen protector was no longer there and had fallen off somewhere.  Is there any warranty on the screen protector and it's installation since it should not fall of if installed properly, especially in such a short amount of time?  

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Re: Screen protector installation warranty?

This sounds like they may have applied the wrong protector. Despite a very similar appearance, there is a slight curve difference around the edges. Every time I’ve seen it poorly adhered, it was because the wrong protector was applied.

Hopefully a Moderator will be by soon to assist.
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Re: Ridiculous hold times. All I want to do is finish my support replacement

I agree -- what a joke!

I pressed the button to have them call me back and after 20 minutes, I hung up.

My Geek Protection Plan doesn't show up on my account despite having a repair appointment that I cancelled today because it seemed to be resolved and, of course, it immediately started screwing up again today...

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warranty plan purchased samsung fridge on 4th repair no track of any reciepts

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purchased a $2800 fridge an extended warr. after 3 service calls to repair a freezing up fridge  still have same problem but there are no records of servfice calls (i have paper work that came with parts shipped to house ) i purchased an extended gsp plan got a confirmation number {removed per forum guidelines} which is worthless and now a case # which apparently is worthless also because i cant get any response from anybody best buy geeksquad whoever and almost at the end of my rope enough is enough

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I writing to inform you of the horrible GEEK Squad service I have received from Best Buy. In December of 2018 I called bestbuy to schedule my machine to be serviced due to my machine not draining the clothes, the person who is scheduling the appointment takes all my information and we schedule an appointment for Friday January 4th 2019. 


First attempt to get my machine serviced: 

On January 4th 2019 before the person who is scheduled to service my machine arrives at my house, he contacted he and stated that he is 10 minutes away and than proceeded to ask what service is needed. I explain to the person on the phone that my machine is not draining, he replied that he is a delivery guy. My response to him was did he not realize before he made his way to my house that he had nothing to delivery . So bestbuy caused me to miss a day of work for nothing. I called bestbuy to reschedule for another day to have my machine serviced. 


Second attempt to get my machine serviced : 


On January 11th one of Best Buy’s geek squad members James contacted me prior to arriving at my house, and inquired about what service was needed, I explained to James that my machine is not draining and before he arrived at my house he was able to tell me he would possibly need a water pump for my machine. James arrives at my house in 5-7 minutes tells me the machine will need a new water pump and theres nothing to be done today and they would have to order that piece. This is the second day of work Best Buy has wasted of mine to not service my machine so now I missed two days of work to still hav nothing done.


Before James left I asked for his managers number. I spoke with the manager and explained to the manager the horrible service I have been receiving with Best Buy and he told me he would over night the the piece that way my machine can get service as soon as possible which means me missing another day of work. This was Friday January 11th the manager promised to over night the piece. The piece was never overnighted my machine has still not been serviced.


I did not bother to contact Best on Monday January 14th 2019 I was giving them time to contact me regarding the piece.The piece was never overnighted my machine has still not been serviced. 


January 15th 2019 - I contacted both James (geek squad member ) and garon forester  ( manager ) and not response 


January 16th 2019 - I contacted both James (geek squad member ) and garon forester  ( manager) finally I was able to get through to the manager who pretended he had no idea what was going on. He never took my name nor number but claimed he was going to follow up.


So I am reaching out to corporate. I spoke with Linda from the corporate office who said she will follow up. 


Linda still has not followed up with me. Linda has tried to contact James and his manager no response, so unprofessional. 




 James (geek squad member {removed per forum guidelines}


James (manager){removed per forum guidelines}


Linda {removed per forum guidelines}



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Credit Card charged for Geeksquad renewal

My Dad bought on July 25 2018 a Dell Inspiron laptop on the Sharpstown Texas Best Buy. He was there just for vacations and we are from Ecuador. 
Today he was charged on his credir card for a Geeksquad Renewal of $51. We dont need that and he didnt buy anything like that. So we need to cancel that and to be refunded please.
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Geek Squad Wait Time

What the heck, I made an appointment for 11am and it is now 11:45. Why is the wait time so long? If 20 min per customer is not enough than schedule longer appointments. Please don't make me wait. I need to go to work. It is one thing to say my doctor made me wait but the Geek Squad. At least give me a beeper so I can walk around the store. Best Buy you can do better than this.
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samsung fridge service/purchased a warranty they failed to issue

i purchased a samsung fridge which has been worked on 3 times for the same issue freezing up thats the least of my issues i call to get copies of my repair orders and they show no service on my unit in their records now i call for service and they show i dont have an extended warr that i have a confirmayion for i finally got aomeone to locate some repair orders orders but now they want to play games with in getting my warranty which they finally found were i called in to get it found credit card number but somebody forgot to issue me a warranty and then want to tell me it lapsed and cant get another after they agree to issue me a warrany its gonna take a week to send me some number i need to get a warr after a week i call and im told its gonna take another week when do the games stop and some one step in to do the right thing